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Conclusion: C-date.de is the clear number one when it comes to find a suitable Partner for casual sex, or Casual Sex. The Casual Dating market leader in the single stock exchanges convinces with a high proportion of women, not least because of the strong media presence in women's magazines and on TV.

Advantages and disadvantages of C-date:

Positive for C-date

  • The largest and most popular Portal for erotic adventure with a high fun factor
  • High activity of members, coupled with a strong inflow of new users
  • Erotic Dates with level
  • Women can take advantage of C-date 100% free

Negative at C-date

  • Men must complete a subscription, to be able to active ladies respond
  • No mobile App
  • Page sprayed a little erotic

Our tip to C-date

M—men who are willing to pay the monthly contribution, köcan from the mass of the “Non-payers“ lift and gehören to the top 10% of the m male C-date members. The chances of getting a Date, or fling, will increase enormously! The willingness of the ladies to a quick Meeting is high. Note: With this many Dates wtösimilar women from the neighborhood . No Top Models.

C-date key figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 52 actual contact sequence
  • 5 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact ratio at C-date

Members statistics

48% women

52% of men
The share of women at C-date

Suitability for adventure

  • Number 1 for erotic meetings
  • In search of Sex preferences is possible

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members country-wide: EUR 3 800 000
  • Demand trend: 100.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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This Portal is hot!
  • Currently much more in demand than C-date
  • Sex Dating and Live Chat site known from TV
  • Dating & Live Cam Dates in the vicinity

Test read

1. C-date Test: summary

C-date.de is the clear market leader for casual sex and Casual Dating in Germany, in Switzerland and in Austria. More than 25,000 new members every day at C-date to find a Partner for a free nooner.

In the case of our C-date Test we wanted to check and compare if the market leader can really deliver what you expect when you log in to C-date. The Test we have divided into the areas of practice, test, functions, and quality of the Profiles, user-friendliness and price-performance ratio.

The practical test in the near future:
It is in C to find date really so easy for a Partner for casual Sex? We wanted to know and went out with a test profile on the Prowl.

In the practical test, it has been shown, that one comes in c-date.de actually easy to start a conversation with a women looking for just Sex. You should, however, with realistic expectations on the . For one, you want to arrange to Meet a Sex-still within the same day. On the other, you will not find in the case of C-date only Top Models, but rather women and men more or less "from the neighborhood". If you adopted from the Top Model to the case of C-date so guarantees no Fake profiles meet.
Features & quality of the Profiles in a nutshell:
The diversity of functions is not C-date excessively large. But that's enough so. You want to come, actually, only with the right people, write, chat and Date Sex account. It is helpful that you in his own profile on the sexual preferences can define and, thus, so, equal to a lake, what are the preferences of the interlocutor. Important to mention is that there are at C-date, no search facility. According to the Definition of one's own search criteria (regions, appearance of the partner's preferences and the type of mediation) generated C-date automatically and on a daily basis the appropriate partners for proposals.
User-friendliness in the near future: The platform itself is user-friendly. Here, we have made good experiences. The registration is quick and easy to understand. Just when other Dating sites to make a comparison. You will be guided with the help of pictures that make you want more, through the registration process. A little more complicated, however, is the termination process. You can't cancel C-date, unfortunately, via E-Mail or online on the Website. To unsubscribe from C-date, you have to submit it still, unfortunately, a letter or the notice of cancellation by Fax to submit.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: A paid C-date membership begins at approximately 35 € monthly. This is not quite cheap, but you get a proper single market with many contacts looking for Sex. Taking into account that you will find here a really active Sex Community, are justified in the C-date prices.
Below you can read how the practical test in all of the detail is lost and the experiences we have with the Casual suppliers have made.

2. C-date practice test and C-date experience

Those who choose to access the site from C-date, immediately lake what's going on here. C-date is pure erotic and the Slogan of the site, brings it to the point of what to expect here: a sensual adventure with a level. The site is suitable for all, looking for a Partner for an affair, a fling or a short-term adventure.

We have tested C-date in addition to other single exchanges over several weeks and wanted to make our own experiences, to see if the advertising promise of C-date be adhered to. So, we wanted to know what people cavort on the platform and how quickly it actually comes to sex.

Every day, new contact suggestions

After the registration, we will have pimped, the first of our profiles and the search criteria is refined. Here we have, first of all, on the more common Sex needs, such as for example, sensual Sex, oral sex, Sex on special places focused.

To Start C-date awards 10 contact suggestions (Emergency contacts) that you can write to, but only after the conclusion of a premium membership (as a man). In the following days, new contact suggestions from C-date and added regularly. You will be notified by C-date by E-Mail, if you want to.

Now we wanted to know, finally, what kind of people hide behind the proposals. It might be Fakes? Or you can really get to know new people?

Quickly a message was written and sent to the first 5 contact proposals sent.

Image: display of the new contact proposals at C-date

"Hi [C-Date users name], I think we could fit well together. We have the same sexual preferences. Tell me please something more about you. Why would You like me yet? LG“

The first Meeting after 11 days

Of the first 5 signed women have actually answered two, and with one of the women has developed in the course of time, a stimulating conversation. At the beginning of the talks in General, are relatively factual. It scans and clears a few General facts.

So if you really want one, not came to a Meeting immediately. With instant we believe on the same or the following day. Most of the women want to understand better, to do with who you have, because it is something very intimate as Sex. We have written to the first women on Tuesday, the first Meeting came on a Friday in a week (after 11 days).

So in the case of C-date women want to be conquered

To be with c-date.de successfully, you should follow some simple basic rules:

First of all, we can draw the conclusion, that women want in some way to be conquered or, at least, the feeling should get to be conquered. A clumsy requests with phrases like "Let's go tonight to the fucking meeting." does not work on C-date. You can on a normal conversation, then it also works very well with the sex at C-date.

In addition, you should go in with realistic expectations, approach to the matter. They stay with their Sex preferences at the bottom of the facts. There are not many women who would communicate to the Public that you are looking for anal sex. So, you should meet with hope not only Top Models. On C-date you can find a lot of attractive and, in particular, natural women. It is usually, the lady next door that you will encounter on c-date.de for a Casual Date.

Take a few minutes to Fill out your profile. So your profile picture is crucial when it comes to optimizing the response rate of the women.

C-date TV Spot 2016

The C-date success rate

In the following, we want to show you what are the different success rates can be achieved if one optimizes the initial message to the C-date contacts. We have carried out the long-term test with four different messages about 6 months. In the best case, each of the 7 led. Message to a Sex-Date.

Image: analysis of C-date contact tests

If you want to get a better feel for that on C-date logged-in members, watch this short Video of a C-date users workshop.

Video: the contribution of a C-date members Workshop

Conclusion the C-date practice test: C-date works really well, if you go realistic on the matter. Women Dating for Sex – this is also known to be the main purpose of C-date one should not, however, forget to clumsy Turn on completely. You are here many natural women find that simply feel like uncomplicated Sex.

In addition, you should plan to have a couple of days from the first Letter (on the C-date platform) until the real Meeting. A good average in our Tests, what is 7-14 days.

3. C-date functions and C-date Profiles

It is important to know that you can't look at C-date according to the matching result in sex hookups free. As a C-date members, you can define your sexual preferences, the search radius, select and other search criteria such as age, size, hair color, etc. set. Based on this information, you C, send-date, it will automatically contact suggestions. For the Start you get the same 10 contacts.

In our Test, it worked with the email of the contact suggestions very well. There was no day where not at least one new contact proposal to come would be. Usually, there were multiple proposals on the same day

C-date Profiles are compact and reduced to the Essentials

Image: A profile in Detail, at C-date

If you have completed a premium membership, you get full access to the Profiles of the proposed contacts. Here you can retrieve more information about the sexual preferences. Furthermore, you can see some basic information, such as, for example, occupation, education, age, marital status, body size, etc. Interesting in the context of the erotic type. Here you will see search statements such as "I'm passionate, honest and adventurous. To me, my Smile, my legs and my Breasts I like best.“

In order to preserve anonymity, have anonymized many C-date members your images, that is to say, these are for you, first of all, only a blur is visible. Once you are with the contact in exchange, you can ask for the pictures for you to unlock.

There are Fake Profiles on C-date?

A common question reaches us, dealt with the issue of possible Fake profiles on C-date. The fear of the user is a lot of negative comments on the Internet stoked. In General, we can confirm that we stumbled upon during our Tests, via Fake Profiles. But it is important, the issue of Fake Profiles on C-to consider date in a differentiated way.

C-date even as the company is reputable and has no Fake Profiles that would keep the user in the rod. In comparison with, say, Ashley Madison. The founder of C-date, Heinz Laumann, is a reputable Manager, you will also be on XING or Facebook if needed, to reach.

In the everywhere addressed the subject of Fake profiles on C-date are mostly free riders and professional women occurs that C-date-to-Use, in order to make their services carefully. IMPORTANT If a profile is "too good to be true", stay away. Here are no affair is to be expected, according to our experience, mostly Fakes. A further suspicion that you're chatting with a Fake member, you should pay, if you the Busty lady sends any left to chat with her on another page. You should not click on these Links. You can report search members to the C-date customer service and you will be immediately eliminated. The C-date customer service is grateful for the great Community "can be kept clean".

In addition, we can recommend you to consider in your search profiles more "normal" Sexvorlieben. Uninhibited Sex is nice, the search terminology is not to pull but rather Fakes, since real ladies specify it absolutely to the public, even if you are in the mood for uninhibited Sex. Who not actually?!

Conclusion the C-date features and the C-profiles, date: The clear focus on non-binding Sex Dates like us at C-date very. Especially of the erotic type is always very helpful to be able to better appreciate how each Person ticks. A pity, however, is that you can't find on C-date itself. You must practice every day in patience, and the new contact proposals from C-wait for the date. The Fake Profiles can be annoying, even if you have to do it pretty fast to get out, whether it is a fake C-date profiles or not.

4. User-friendliness

The C-date registration is straightforward and so the Create your profiles in C-date very quickly. After you have made on the page are a few basic information about yourself, your place of residence, sex, and the "wanted" sex, you will be asked for their external features such as body size, hair and eye color (In visual Form, as on the pictures shown here). As soon As you click on registration, you are already free C-date members. The registry complete, you just have to click on the registration link in the E-Mail received seconds later by C-date.

Pictures: The sign-in process for C-date is done in a few steps

In connection, you can now specify your search criteria. First of all, you can define up to five different regions, for which your search should be active. Furthermore, you can define, we should look to her sex partners ideal way (figure, hair length, and hair and eye color). To have good last you a tick in the possibility of sexual preferences, should have their potential sexual partners.

If you Refine your own profiles, it is recommended that you define your own Erotiktyp. This is so fun and is done quickly. Here you need to went out a few erotic pictures to click on. The Viewing of the images is fun and increases the desire for the early Sex-Date.

Image: Definition of the erotic type at C-date, with the help of images

At the current time, C-date has not yet developed a mobile App. The site is also very good with a Smartphone or a Tablet can be called. The Design is optimized in such a way that you can access C-date at any time on the go mobile.

C-date cancellation is only possible in writing

What makes us a little less good is the fact that you can cancel C-date only in writing is like. This means that there are online or via E-Mail, no possibility of Cancellation. To unsubscribe from C-date, you must send either a cancellation letter or Fax.

The notice period is 14 days from the expiry of the booked Premium membership. This, in turn, is quite in order. If you wish to cancel, you should not miss, however, this period, otherwise the contract is extended automatically.

We have sent our notice of cancellation to the mentioned address by Post. It all works well. The termination was accepted without specifying the reasons. As a confirmation of the termination, we received this Letter from C-date:

C-date contact

Postal address
Interdate S. A.
C-Date Customer Service
291, route d'Arlon
LU-1150 Luxembourg

00352 26 30 26 97

[email protected]

"Dear C-date member,

We have received your notice of termination and terminated the contract to its expiration.

Your membership will not be extended. There will be no further charges.

You can use your Premium membership with all the functions up to the end of the contract as usual or in your profile prior to the expiry of the membership to delete.

Julia Summer
C-date customer service“
Conclusion to C-date user-friendliness: The actual operation of the platform is simple and intuitive. Requests from the customer service (we had answered a question on the invoice) within a very short time. The cancellation confirmation arrived promptly after the termination. The only annoying point is that The notice of termination must be submitted to C-date in writing. E-Mail cancellations will not be accepted.

5. C-date price-performance ratio

C-date is one of the cheapest Offered in the Casual Dating area. But we must also say to be fair, that you will nowhere find such a large membership base, such as on C-date. C-date is simply the market leader with a high Profile and popularity among the women.

After the detailed C-date Test in the last few months, we would opt for C-date, because here the success rate and the selection of sexual partners were the best.

If you received a C-date premium membership what you should do to be successful – you have the choice between a 3, 6 or 12 monthly subscription. The longer The membership, the cheaper the monthly C-date price.

The individual C-date cost and maturities are as follows:

  • 3 months: 49,90 € / month
  • 6 months: 39,90 € / month
  • 12 months: 34,90 € / month

All premium members will receive from C-date, a contact warranty. This Includes a minimum number of contact proposals within the booked time. In the case of the 3-month membership, there are 5 guaranteed contacts, for the 6-month period, there are 15 contacts and within a year, 30 contacts are guaranteed. In our Tests, the number of guaranteed contacts has always exceeded significantly!

The payment of the membership can be made either by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) via direct debit or by Bank Transfer. On request, the cash can be sent in an envelope, if someone should be worried about his anonymity. You can't Worry, the Name C-date does not appear on the invoice.

Conclusion the C-date cost: The C-date costs are in the upper Segment of the Casual Dating industry. Nevertheless, our Test shows that C-date is worth every Euro . You can get here Access to the largest Community for casual sex in the German-speaking countries. A contact guarantee is included!

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

C-date summary

In The Test: C-date
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Nine / Th

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