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Conclusion: The largest Cougar Dating Portal in Germany actually works. Who's with open eyes on the go, you can steer clear of the small cliffs in the user-friendliness easily and really have fun. Recommended for all Cougars and Toyboys!

Advantages and disadvantages of Cougar life:

Positive for Cougar life

  • Self-confident women are in their sexual peak
  • Young, attractive men who are open to new experiences
  • Cougars and Toyboys are sociable
  • Worldwide, more than 4.5 million members

Negative in the case of the Cougar life

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal (however, almost all Casual Dating portal)
  • Improvement Of User-Friendliness
  • Still small (but fine) members of the community in Germany

Our tip to Cougar life

You are active and talk to the other members. The only way you can come quickly to success. You can use the free registration to without risk take a picture of the Portal to köcan.

Cougar Life-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 19 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for Cougar life

Members statistics

52% women

48% of men
The quota of women in Cougar life

Suitability for adventure

  • Largest Cougar Dating site in Germany
  • Good portal features and Profiles

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 500.000
  • Demand trend: 10.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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This Portal is hot!
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Test read

What is Cougar Dating?

Cougars are experienced women who know exactly what they want. In General, the life, are joyful women older than 30 years and , sometimes, older than 39 years. The women are no longer the youngest, you don't look it in the rule but. Cougars are a bit older, but usually very attractive . Because it is exactly these women want to enjoy just the right times in your life.

Would not remember the age, because the Mature women are self-confident, impressive and you are in the Prime time of your life . Now you want to let it rip right times, but have no desire to give up their freedom and to play for a man of the house wife. That is why you get young men, so-called Toyboys, Cups or MILF Hunter (an average of ten years younger) your passions want to live.

Of course, it's primarily about Sex and eroticism. Cougars meet with their Toyboys, but also to go Out. Not infrequently, then, quite proud of his young conquest to Show. And rightly so, because these women of the society is not in a woman's scheme presses . So it also fits well in the Lifystyle that the Cougars have to pay for the men of the invoices.

Many Cougars have a new, self-determined freedom built. For example: The children are now out of the house in the divorce is filed, the career is going well, and now, finally, the Mature woman wants to focus on their needs without having their freedom to give up. The solution --> Cougar Dating and Toyboys eat.

1. Cougar Life Test: Summary

"Cougar is the English Slang term for older women who are looking for a much younger man either for a relationship or as a sexual partner." he says Wikipedia .

Both sides benefit:

  • The "Cougars" find young, charming men who embark on an adventure.
  • The "Toyboys" desire to find full of attractive women willing to share their experiences.

A summary of the test results on Cougar life:

Practice test and experience
The practice test has shown that Cougar life functioning Online Dating platform is. The members are sociable and lively. In the contact Test there were 19 positive responses to 100 contact attempts. Almost every fifth contact was a success. Good!
Features and Profiles
The Profiles are easy to fill and but meaningful enough to suitable contacts to identify. Although we are a few Fake profiles countered, but it was in absolutely tolerable framework. A slight minus point, Cougar life is for the The use of animator in the case of guest users (but Can be switched off). The functions themselves are all solidly made. Although there are no innovations, but it doesn \ 't need to in all honesty. It's all there to get to the destination. Overall: Good!
The customer service is not convincing, and the Notice relatively expensive. Although the Design and handling are perfectly in order, however, Cougar life gets, overall, not entirely convincing assessment. A need for improvement!
Price-To-Performance Ratio
The Prices are not very cheap, but you also get a unique in Germany Service offered. Who can accept the shortcomings in user-friendliness, can certainly with Cougar life a lot of fun . Price-Performance: ok!

2. Cougar life practice test and experience

The practice test is the most important part of our Tests. Here we put ourselves in the Situation of women and men want to use the Dating Portal and make use of. Consequently, we create Test profiles to be able to Cougar life as realistically as possible test. A female and a male profile. With these test profiles we want to have to click through the Portal and test all the functions, the customer service and of course how sociable the members are. The overarching questions are: Cougar Life Works? It is worthwhile to look at Cougar life login?

We will show you all the advantages and disadvantages of Cougar life!

2.1 first impression of Cougar life

The first impression is good, the website works serious and professional . Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on the functioning of the platform. In the FAQ section some notes are a detailed description of the current situation. Helpful, however, in order to gain a more detailed insight into the press area. There is a PDF document that a detailed description to Cougar life.

Image: The home of Cougar life on the Cougars.

Among other things, one learns some interesting facts about the users of Cougar life: Apparently, all the women are single and not in a fixed partnership. Of these, 51% are divorced, 47% single and 2% widowed. It is striking that the majority of divorced women can only recently (within the last twelve months) a divorce, namely 42% of all women. 31% of women, the document, according to lone mothers. The average age of a Cougar should be 39 years of Toyboys to be at the age of 29.

Originally posted by Sabrina Rymarowicz, spokesperson for Cougar life:

Behind Cougar life is the idea that nowadays there are very many successful, self-confident and independent Single women who have no Problem having an affair or relationship with a much younger man's.

A pity that we are still prior to registration no information for the price can find. Although this is common practice in the Dating industry, we find it is still non-transparent. This is Cougar life gets his the first minus point . We will tell you of course the prices in advance here .

2.2 contact-Test on Cougar life

The contact-Test examines how sociable members on Cougar life are. This feature is very critical for a single exchange. Therefore, the results of the contact Tests is the most important test result and has a significant influence on the overall assessment of the single market, in this case Cougar life. Only if the other users are ready to embrace new members, it can be flirting successfully. Of course, attempts in the contact Test at Cougar life no Contact or responses from the animators counted (see profiles in quality).

The test results for Cougar life

30 days contact Test Cougar life

>> Passive contacts: 4

  • of received standard greetings: 2
  • of the received individual messages: 2

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 5
  • it received positive answers: 1
  • of individual messages: 45
  • it received positive responses: 14

Success rate: 19 out of 100 points
(Premium membership)
Four passive contact plus Fifteen positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

2.3 conclusion practice test and experience Cougar life

The contact Test can be seen. 19 of 100 contact requests have been a success. Say, in almost every fifth contact, there was a positive feedback and it came to a conversation. Note: Good!

3. Features and Profiles on Cougar life

3.1 profiles quality on Cougar life

The Registration is a children's game . First select whether you are looking for Cougars or Toyboys and at what age this should be. In addition, indicate to what city wanted. In the next step, a short input mask, the following are recorded in the personal data for the profiles. Alternatively, a Log-in via Facebook can be done. This is even easier and faster.

Image: the Cougar life profiles of our Toyboy test profiles.

Profile Tips:
  • Download as many photos as possible in your profile. You will see that increase your flirt chances considerably. First, you will be brought more confidence, and secondly, wins her profile to be meaningful.
  • Fill in your profile as good as possible. The more information You make, the more Similarities there may be with other members. This increases the contact opportunities.

Image: the "questions" should be filled in.


The privacy game in the case of the Cougar life an important role . Well so, finally, you don't want to be found by the neighbors, or colleagues here. There is a view in the "My profile">"privacy is worth it". There are a few settings should be made, if you want to be Anonymous on the Dating Portal-on-the-go.

Image: Our recommendation to the privacy settings.

On Cougar live in the profiles area private photos . These photos are first, for no other member is visible. Only if individually each of the members is given permission ("key"), they can see the photos. There is the automatism that, in exchange for received Photo shares own shares are given. We recommend to turn it off under "privacy". (See picture above)

Image: At the Express request, can be shared with individual contacts, private photos.

Fake Profiles

The profile quality on Cougar life is good. We are in our Test only a few Profiles encountered we have Fake Profiles and scammers suspected. This is still in the frame for Casual Dating. In General, be invested in a single stock exchanges often Fake Profiles of Scammers. About the Profiles of the members then try to lure you to other websites. Just keep your eyes open! If you have a profiles are suspicious, avoid or block it!

Unfortunately, Cougar life takes no profile test before. Neither manually nor automatically. However, this would be a first means of Fake profiles to counteract. In addition, Cougar life could offer a voluntary Identity check for members as other Dating services do so often. This would be in addition offers security and real Profiles are different of possible Fake profiles. Very improvement worthy!

Fake Profiles:

Be careful of a questionable profile to become a premium member. Premium profiles are, as a rule, no Fake Profiles. Scammers are afraid of the fees.


We don't want to deprive them of that Cougar life anima uses expensive on the Portal. These are people with fictional profiles for entertainment on the Portal. Cougar life controls these entertainers on a System Called Cougars Cs™. It needs to detect a bit of sensitivity to this fictitious Profiles. Do not be fooled! These animators want to send you messages and gifts, you will not be able to meet! As in the profiles may be placed to be contacted, the Minus point quite small from.


Don't fall for the fictitious Profiles of animators! Cougar Life, however, is clear in the terms and conditions: " Cougar's Cs™ to communicate with guest users, but not with Members ." A premium membership protects, according to Cougar life, so the animators. It can also be specified in the profiles, that you do not want to be contacted.

3.2 search functions on Cougar life

The search function includes all of the necessary attributes quick and easy, but nevertheless, target the right members to find . Our search in the Test showed very many hits. As a result, we have refined the search criteria (see pictures). In the end we had a list with a bunch of appropriate and interesting profiles. Very good!

Image: The search can be refined.

In addition to the search Radius and age can also be according to many other criteria looking for. In our Test, the following criteria were relevant:

  • Photos
  • Has private photos
  • Is online
  • In the ready
  • New Members
  • Only me so far Unknown
  • Wishes a Date tonight

With these K. O.-Criteria can be quickly Profiles sorted out, many of which are currently in question. Practical!

Image: The results list leaves nothing to be desired.

More search kriteriien the appearance (figure, eye color, hair color), the language and key words can be entered in a free text field.

A has my in the list attractive profiles found that interests you, just click on it. Now you can get all the public photos in the profiles, and the profile information to see. The next step is to be active and the member to write.

Image: A very beautiful Cougar in our city. Super!

3.3 communication functions on Cougar life

In order to come into contact with other users, there are five (to six) ways:

Image: The communication functions at a Glance.

Write a message

This is the classic variant with an interesting profile to get in touch. It is also what we in the Test preferred variant. The Advantages are:

  • The member must be at the Moment not online
  • It can be used in the message individually the profiles will be entered into.

It is also a can Combination from a personal message, a gift and a request to release the private photos will be sent.

Image: a message Is sent, can the gifts be added.

Start a Chat

If the requested profile is online, you can also directly start a Chat with the Person. In the Chat entertaining conversations in gear to come and you learn about them.

Image: Chat premium is reserved for members.

A Flirt send

This is a Standard greeting without a personal message. To the first address, he is, in our opinion, not particularly. He is rather a nice feature for an existing contact in between. Content of the standard greeting:" Hey, take a look at my profile and let me know if You have on a contact of interest. "

Send a gift

A function with a in our eyes rather questionable Benefit . On Cougar life profiles can be sent as a gift. Of course, it is a virtual gift, which only exists as an image. We could not start in our Test very much at all, but there are certainly women and men, are thus more accessible.

(Request for private photos free)

It should be clear that it is hardly crowned with success, will be to send just such a request - even if that is not possible. Makes sense to this question, of course, only in connection with a message or if you already have a contact.


A VIP message to the addressee at the top of his Postbox. Even if other messages have arrived then. The guaranteed more attention for the message.

Image: Some Cougars are very direct. Questions? Cover letter!

Image: We were very active. With our premium membership and the test profiles we have written to over 50 Cougars.

3.4 conclusion Cougar life functions and Profiles

The Profiles on Cougar life are in order. They are meaningful and easy to use. The settings for the safeguarding of the Anonymity and the privacy we liked particularly well. The number of Fake Profiles are kept in tolerable framework . So here is a ok. However, Cougar life uses Animator a, which contact the guest user small minus point! The functions are all well made fulfill full their purpose, and have left us in the Test in the lurch. Overall, there is a: Good!

4. User-friendliness: Cougar life

Cougar life offers a small The FAQ section to find some information about the handling of the platform. However, this is not very productive. A need for improvement!

In our Tests, the single exchanges, we test the customer service and how to achieve.

On Cougar life is a contact form and a phone number as the contact options specified. The effect is very positive. Hardly a single stock exchange phone number for customer service. It's a shame the number is not assigned. We can't reach anyone. Bad!

Of course, we also have the Contact form tested and us with a fictitious Problem to the customer service reported. The result is what is ok. The customer service replied two days later and was able to solve the Problem.

Image: A phone number the no is. Minus point for the customer service!

4.2 termination for Cougar life

Unfortunately, it is also the case of Cougar life in such a way that the A premium membership is automatically renewed if not timely terminated. This is for all Dating services on the same mesh. We find the not good.

Tip: You think to cancel your premium membership, if you have eaten enough Cougars or Toyboys and need a timeout!

Unfortunately, Cougar life a makes it to cancel quite difficult for the premium membership . We have researched and show you here on how best to proceed.

So you cancel at Cougar life:

#1. According to the terms and conditions of Cougar life is a Cancellation by phone only possible. Another hardship that the specified number is from the USA and the service times refer to the US time zone (EST). Nevertheless, call them and explain your termination!

Phone number in the USA: 001 866 665 1507
between 09:00 and 19:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), so between 15:00 and 01:00 PM the German time (CET)

You can also try the German telephone number, this has not worked in our Test, however.
Phone number in Germany: 0800 182 9017

#2. Only necessary if you want to be absolutely Safe:

Write your Cougar life in addition a Email in the Membership is revoked (because Cougar life has no Declaration of revocation, which is in Germany, however, a duty is legally possible at any time) and You explain as a precaution so Your Termination . It looks like this:

"Ladies and gentlemen,
I hereby make my right of withdrawal and against my contract to the premium membership within the statutory period calling. In the event that you do not recognize my right to cancel, affirm, I hereby, once again, my call on what termination (at the earliest possible time).

I ask for a written confirmation.

My E-Mail address: xxx

My Pseudonym: xxx

With kind Regards, "

To submit [email protected] and [email protected] . Done!

Reminder: Call your e-mail address you used in Cougar life are logged and the Pseudonym. You need to be identifiable. Submit don't forget!

Sounds finally, after more than it is. Many Cougar life users report that they have both the call, as well as the notice of cancellation by Email has worked very well. Background information and advice to the termination, you will find here .

For the problematic termination process (US phone number) gets Cougar life, of course, a weighty Minus point .

4.3 operation and Design on Cougar life

The operation is no Problem at all. Everything is clear to understand and the functions are self-explanatory. The Handling is absolutely fine . However, there are in the Test and re - load the error Profile occurred. What is not bad at all, disturb the overall impression slightly. The Design is well made, attractively designed and makes the stay a pleasant one.

4.4 Mobile Use CougarLifes / Cougar Life App

Cougar life offers an App (unfortunately only in English). This can be flirting. The App offers all the features which are also found on the website. The App has a good Design and is easy to use. Ultimately, a very good Alternative or Supplement to website . The App is available for iOS and Android devices.

4.5 Conclusion Cougar Life User-Friendliness

Unfortunately, Cougar life in terms of user-friendliness is not set up very well. From the customer service, we were a little disappointed, the Notice is quite cumbersome. Overall, only average result for the user-friendliness: Potential for improvement!

5. Price-performance ratio for the Cougar life

5.1 Cougar life prices and costs

Cougar life makes it, as almost all of the Dating portal: The A premium membership will be extended automatically if not timely terminated. We don't find a good one. For Cougar life gets a Minus point . Something forgiving the fact that the Cancellation until 3 days prior to the expiration the original term must be terminated (Status: 20.6.2015) . This is still relatively fair.

Without a premium membership can Cougar life though without risk look, you want to Flirt, but really and Cougars or Toyboys meet, you need a premium membership . That is unavoidable. Because only with these can messages are written and read. We find it generally in order that Cougar life for his Service fees. All great and reputable Dating site are dependent on revenue.

Image: write Unlimited messages as a premium member.

Caution Don't forget your To cancel a premium membership again . Best you cancel the renewal immediately after purchasing the premium membership. Then you can't forget it, and in the calm after Cougars or Toyboys keep a look out. We explain here as this is relatively easy.

What is Cougar life cost?

For Women, the premium membership is free . Only for the sending of messages and gifts Credits are required, which you must buy in advance.

For women, the premium membership is free of charge.

Men need a premium membership to be able to messages to read and write. For the News, and other features of Credits are, however, in addition, yet necessary.

The benefits of a premium membership on Cougar life
  • Read and Write messages (absolutely necessary)
  • Listing in the Top search results (useful)
  • Highlighted position in the search results (useful)
  • Recommendations to new Cougars (useful)
  • A Premium Member Marking (well, to enjoy with other members of the trust)
  • 6 hours, first access to new Cougars (quite nice, but not a Must )

The cost of the premium membership on Cougar life
  • Duration-1 Month + 100 Credits
    Cougar Life Price: 39,99 € per month
  • Duration 3 Months + 500 Credits
    Cougar Life Price: 29,99 € per month
  • Duration 12 Months + 3000 Credits
    Cougar Life Price: 19,99 € per month
  • In addition, the Cougar life App, use
    Unique: 5,00 €
This is needed to the Cougar life Credits
  • A message normal send (5 Credits)
  • VIP-send message, appears at the top of the Inbox (20 Credits)
  • Gifts to make (5-35 Credits)
  • A Flirt send (5 Credits)
  • Cougars on the display, the desire to have a Date on the same day (5 Credits / Day)

Image: potential savings when purchasing 3 - or 12-month Premium period.

5.2. Price-performance ratio for the Cougar life

Cougar life is not very cheap. The benefits are ok. If one accepts the shortcomings in user-friendliness, can Cougar life a little more fun and a real added value. Especially since Cougar life is the only Dating site for Cougars in Germany. All in all: Price-to-performance ratio is ok.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Cougar Life Summary

In The Test: Cougar life
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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