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Conclusion: JOYClub is the largest erotic Social network in Germany. Here women, men and couples around the topic of Sex and erotic exchange. You can find in the JOYclub Sex and fetish contacts but so erotic photos or Videos of other members to watch and discuss in the Forum.

Advantages and disadvantages of JOYclub:

Positive in the case of JOYclub

  • A comprehensive adult Community
  • Much more than a Dating site. JOYclub is a social network around Sex
  • All Target Groups: Singles, Couples, Swingers, Transsexuals, Fetishists...
  • Local erotic Events and Swingers parties find

Negative in the case of JOYclub

  • A Lot Of Options. Therefore, a bit confusing
  • No mobile App

Our tip-to-JOYclub

If you are –get to know about JOYclub Dating möwant and additionally, discounts in Clubs and other erotic Events in your Nähe to benefit want to, it's worth it in any case, the Premium membership which is to be are procuredßen . To außdevelop a better Standing within the Community, it can be advantageous if you participate in the discussion forum actively.

JOYclub-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 22 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate JOYclub

Members statistics

42% women

58% of men
The share of women at JOYclub

Suitability for adventure

  • JOYclub is the Facebook of the erotic
  • Great Forum and many local Events

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 2.400.000
  • Demand trend: 1.000.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

1. JOYclub Test: Summary

JOYclub is much more than "just" a Dating platform for the mediation of result in sex hookups. Sexinserate clearly play an important role, but also the Forum with more than 21 million entries, or the 9,000 different interest groups enjoy great popularity.

On JOYclub, you can also find the latest erotic Events in the vicinity, Swinger Club directories, or erotic art of the members. The JOYclub offers a variety of opportunities for exchange and networking with like-minded people. The merging of the virtual and the real world is very deeply embedded in the DNA of JOYclub.

In our JOYclub Test, we wanted to know how much eroticism is really within the JOYclub Community. How easy is it, new Dating about JOYclub get to know and like a date about JOYclub runs actually?

The practical test in the near future: The JOYclub Community has grown over the years and today has about 2.4 million members. Many JOYclubber are already for years in the Community and belong to the "hard core" of JOYclub. All Members we have met here are open-minded and it know pretty much exactly what you are looking for and what you want. The respective preferences and demands on sexual partners are formulated in the staff always clear. The Sex listings-we came very quickly with the women into the conversation. And so appointments came about. Choice of free cover Letter of attractive female members, however what severe. Since you will realize quickly that it is a tight-knit Community.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: The functional diversity is large in the case of JOYclub. In addition to the classic search of women and/or men can look at JOYclub so to couples. The couples make up a significant portion (approximately 1/3) of the Community. Within the Sexinserate and even to Dates, the target is already concrete dates (for example, coming up this weekend, Pentecost, etc.). You can thus keep to the Dates without any date or Dates to a specific date looking.

In addition to the Sexinseraten you can find here a list of current events, Clubs, and Swingers Gang Bang and fetish parties in the vicinity. In the Forum is to discuss all sorts of topics related to Sex, and the erotic and in thematically oriented groups can organize members with like-minded people and directly replace it. In the "photos & Videos" Section, you will find erotic art of JOYclub members.

Many JOYclub members are marked with a certificate of authenticity . This means that you have to be subjected to the volunteers for authenticity. With this certificate, you will definitely have much better cards within the Community.
User-friendliness in the near future: The JOYclub page is somewhat overloaded, and as you can already see in the previous description of the functions, has JOYclub via a variety of ways. It takes a while to be able to here to find. If, however, the individual functions and modules, everything is relatively clear. For all sorts of questions about JOYclub the operator has built up an extensive help page. To find all of the relevant functions of the page where you tips, explanations and hints. For open questions, you can contact the customer service via the contact form.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: Everyone can free dive into the world of the erotic. For all who want more than the Standard features, the JOYclub prices starting at € 9.90 per month very moderate. There are no Fakes on JOYclub. Ladies with financial interests are reported separately. JOYclub a very active and truly comprehensive Sex Community is at a good price! Women, the the authenticity test of JOYclub, to be able to use the Plus membership completely free of charge.

2. JOYclub practice test and JOYclub experience

"Find contacts for Sex, erotic, flirting and Dates" and "Enrich your Sex life". The prominent Headlines on the home page of JOYclub. Exactly what we're looking for, but this is all just "Marketing bla bla" or goes off the Post in the German Sex-Community-JOYclub really?!

We want to know it and have used JOYclub about 6 months of intense and tested. During the registration we had to find that the creators of the site quality . In the case of the initial registration our profiles from the Moderator was rejected because we have provided no meaningful information in the "About me" Section. After further Investigation, we note that this area requires a minimum of three meaningful character traits. You should ascribe to be able to a couple of coherent sentences in there. But don't worry, there is a JOYclub text generator that makes the power of thought, if one pretends to be him a few words.

To arrange a sex meeting with a photo is necessary

At the beginning we needed some time to ourselves on the page find their way around, since a many options are available. The two first, the relevant areas are "members" and "Dating" when it comes to winning new the Dating for a Date.

In the members area, you can browse the entire JOYclub database and according to the matching result in sex hookups filter. There are numerous filter options are available to you, so that you can restrict the search hits easy. Most of the Profiles are quite detailed and the individual members can specify exactly what you are looking for and what you're looking for in no case.

Image: search form in the Dating area of JOYclub

We have members locally restricted and people wanted that were also in search of Sex. The search for relationship & partnership, or Flirt & friendship we have hidden.

Even more interesting, we found the Dating area. The search criteria are the same as in the members area. The difference is that here you can see the relevant Sexinserate of the members. So in the sex ads is usually in exactly what is wanted. Part of it is quite ordinary side Springer and Sexgesuche, but also a lot of ads can be attributed to a fetish. It is an interesting fact that many of the staff include a specific date for a Meeting is so (for example, next Friday, on the day of Pentecost, etc.)

Below you can see a few examples of Sexinseraten on JOYclub :

"I have a weakness for tall, dark-haired men with dominant Occurrence"


"I'm looking for a man for Cheating... requirements: between 30 and 60 years old, at least 1,80 m tall and a minimum of 17 x 4 equipped. You must have so very often feel like, because I'm looking for is definitely a reliable lover that takes me at least two to three times a week.“


"I'm looking for a brave man for erotic friendship, with an emphasis on friendship! – because of the pure Bumsschaft I find boring and a little pleasure!“

We noticed during the Test that many of JOYclub members are already with any kind of sex parties familiar with. Often, they are also looking for Companions for erotic events.


"I and really only I ,search fixed couples or female(s) but also sympathetic, well-built men to join me in the Swingers Club and there with me not only to spend a night."

"I'm looking for a sparkling, Hotel-Date on Saturday night, the 02.05.2015 other "players" that know what a "Gangbang party". Am pleased about a message with expressive "FACE" picture ;-)“

"I'm looking for someone I can experience something and my fantasies can live. A companion for visits to special Clubs, frivolous parties, or for sensual nasty hours."

Speaking of image – this is sex ads, in fact, a common note in many of JOYclub. The ladies of creation first want to see a face picture before you commit to another "Flirt".

The first message and the first Meeting after 10 days

Since the sex ads are here at JOYclub all very individually, will not send standard messages by the way a lot of sense. We have considered a short standard message, but also for the woman adjusted. If you are already effort your Sexinserat, then our message should be on it.

Hi [JOYclub user name] You are seeking [JOYclub preference(s)/interest(n)]. Your profile I find interesting, I think we could fit well together. Our interests complement each other well. Tell me please something more about you. Why would You like me yet? LG

The cover Letter of the JOYclub ladies took a little longer than in other portals. For one, because we wanted to comment specifically on the narrative View, on the other, because it's really fun to read the Ads, and each of the carefully filled-out Profiles with descriptions and pictures to look through.

Of the first 5 signed women, a woman answered. Here we have confined ourselves to a Sexinserat with a fixed date on a Friday night and easily worked.

JOYclub ladies want no almost Bumskontakte

If you read the many staff on JOYclub is quickly a pattern is clear. The women on JOYclub looking for Sex and you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for. What you are looking for a clean-out-fucker experiences. The JOYclub women want to be treated with respect and sympathy even Sex in it is very fast.

It should be clear, however, that it is bitch, unless you have marked your profile with the addition of "financial interest". You will be able to have as a man on JOYclub a lot of fun, should, however, be human, be respectful with the contacts made deal.

The JOYclub Success Rate

Below you can see what a difference it makes to how you address the JOYclub women. We have tested different messages against each other, and to prove here, that it think is worth a few seconds longer about how you write to the women.

Image: evaluation of the JOYclub contact tests

Conclusion for the JOYclub practice test: You can meet JOYclub real sex and the most JOYclub members know exactly what it is you want. In General, it makes to contact is no sense in members, if you don't see that they really fit to the search profile. That would be a waste of time for both sides. JOYclubber are generally very open-minded and usually quite experienced in terms of sexual adventures of any kind. Everything you wanted to know ever sexually, you can know with great probability with the help of JOYclub.

3. JOYclub functions and JOYclub Profiles

As we have already explained at the outset, is JOYclub much more than just a single stock exchange for sex. It is a very active social network, with nearly 2.5 million people who are very sexually open-minded.

You can browse the JOYclub database very carefully for suitable contacts and also short-term Sexinserate on / off or answer. In the search, you can specify what you are looking. The choices are:

  • Sex
  • Party & club visit
  • Leisure & going Out
  • Flirt & friendship
  • Relationship & partnership

Very useful for the staff, the possibility of the date input. If you know that you are looking for the next Friday on a Date, you can communicate, and the annoying appointment scheduling is unnecessary in this case.

The JOYclub Forum is the showpiece of the Sex Community. More than 21 million entries have been generated. Be discussed here, all imaginable and not imaginable topics. A few examples:

  • Sex prefer Nude or lingerie desirable?
  • Your to begin with anal sexual experience?
  • Meeting with the Ex
  • The Partner in the bedroom seduce
  • How often do you have Sex per week?
  • How can I install shackles on the Sofa?

The more active you discuss in the Forum, the more virtual JOYclub points you can earn, and what lead to that your Status is rising within the Community. This can help when getting to Know the women quite.

Image: an insight into the JOYclub forum for discussion

The JOYclub groups revolve around a specific topic, and thus combine the JOYclub members to this particular topic of interest. A membership in the appropriate groups can help definitely to find like-Minded people.

The groups are classified in different main categories:

  • Sex and eroticism
  • Fetish
  • Leisure and sports
  • Company
  • Entertainment
  • Art & culture
  • Regional

Just like groups, Chats and thematic and regional order. Here you can find Chat rooms on topics such as "Dominant & submissive", "Threesome MMF", "Large Breasts" or "outdoor sex"

Photos & Videos
In this area of JOYclub, you find many Videos and pictures of the Community members want. In addition, there is a sub-area of erotic art. Numerous Vidoes and pictures are marked with FSK18. This allows you to view only if you have performed an age verification.

Image: an insight into the erotic art area at JOYclub

Events & Clubs
In this section of the page you will find the latest erotic events in the whole of Germany. Whether it's a Swingers Party, Gang Bang or BDSM fetish Party, JOYclub lists various Events in the vicinity. Solid Swinger Clubs are listed here.

Image: an insight into the JOYclub Event area

There are Fake Profiles on JOYclub?

In our JOYclub Test, we saw no Fake Profiles. Professional women are characterized in JOYclub with the reference "Financial interest", so that you know immediately whether it is a regular JOYclub member or a service Provider. If there are Fake registrations, this will be revealed now by the moderator Team quickly. Other Comments on the net to confirm, the efficient action against Fakes in the JOYclub.

In addition, JOYclub offers the possibility to let yourself as a real member of to authenticate. In the authenticity you need to make a photo of yourself with a default described sheet of paper in Hand. On the paper, you should write down the current date, as well as one-of-JOYclub given Text. The JOYclub customer support awards, after examination of the image of a "certificate of authenticity", and your profile is according to (marked with a white tick) as real. Members with a white check mark to enjoy a greater trust in the Community.

The JOYclub Profiles are all mostly very meaningful, because the members give a lot of information about your likes and dislikes price and also be happy to tell you what you are looking for and what makes them fun. Most of the members, we were able to meet here, do not want a 0815 Sex. Many JOYclubber are advanced in their sexual Expertise.

Conclusion to the JOYclub functions and the JOYclub profiles: If you look at the functional diversity of JOYclub, you quickly notice that you get much more than an ordinary Sex Dating site. In a figurative sense, one could JOYclub as the Facebook for Dating call.

4. User-friendliness

First of all, we want to investigate the user-friendliness against the Background of the operation of the site. The makers of JOYclub are continuously working on improvements to the Community, you can already see some design Updates which have been carried out in the last month. Thus, the use of the Community is becoming more and more a real pleasure.

The registration process is very pleasantly decorated. If you want to make it good – we want to so highly recommend that – you should take 10 minutes of time. At the beginning, you'll be asked what you are looking for on JOYclub, before you describe the next step is their appearance and sexual preferences. In the case of the sexual preference of 59 different options to choose from that you can rate according to the following criteria.

  • Not even
  • I like so need
  • Depending on the situation
  • I stand on it
  • Necessarily

Image: a selection of sexual preferences-in-the-JOYclub registration

At the end of the registration process, you will need to say a few sentences about yourself and now you are a member in a big erotic Community. If you find that the description is a bit hard helps you to the JOYclub text generator, if you select the appropriate keywords that you describe.

No notice period to be observed

With regard to the Termination of JOYclub, earned JOYclub almost the best grade. There are, in fact, no period of notice, as a precaution, you should terminate, but not later than one day before the expiry of the membership in order to avoid possible Overlaps. The termination can also be done easily in the logged-in state via the push of a button. After the termination, you can continue to use all the Premium Services until the last day of the paid membership.

Should you have any questions about your subscription to the customer service, you can reach these either by E-Mail, by telephone or by Post.

If you are using the Notice, want to missed the renew the subscription automatically to the previously booked duration . Even if the procedure is so common in the Dating market, we here points. JOYclub had the Chance, the termination procedures had to be 100% to make customer-friendly.

JOYclub Contact

Postal address
NetDebit GmbH
Abendener Street 11
52385 Nideggen

02427 / 903 50 - 10

customer [email protected]

Conclusion for the JOYclub user-friendliness: The side of JOYclub is a little "frumpy" but all of the important functions. After an initial confusion you find your way here but a good one. On the subject of the notice JOYclub is very customer-friendly with its members. This is definitely above average in the Dating industry.

5. JOYclub Price-To-Performance Ratio

With nearly 2.5 million members JOYclub is one of the biggest Erotic-communities in the German-speaking countries. If you want to set a reminder for a Date, or "only" in the large JOYclub Forum discuss and new people to meet, you can use JOYclub so completely free of charge.

Our experience has shown that you have to bring a bit of endurance to come here and to reach a higher Status.

For all the rest of the functions you will need to complete a JOYclub Plus or JOYclub premium membership. As well As other single stock exchanges are staggered in the JOYclub prices according to duration. The longer you take out a membership, the less the monthly costs will be.

With the JOYclub Plus membership, you can already turn in your own Sexinserate, other JOYclub members cover letters and private photos of JOYclubber view.

The price scale for this would look as follows:

  • 6 months: 9,90 € per month
  • 3 months: 14,90 € per month
  • 1 month: 19,90 € per month

Women, therefore, have to pay for JOYclub is normally the same premium contribution. If women, however, a voluntary fastness test, you will be issued the cost for the Plus membership completely.

With the slightly more expensive premium membership, you will enjoy additional benefits: you can view all the FSK18 content, private chat rooms, private photo album create and so you want to be treated in the search results preferably.

The JOYclub cost of this membership is as follows:

  • 6 months: 14,90 € per month
  • 3 months: 19,90 € per month
  • 1 month: 24,90 € per month

So in this membership form, women do not receive a benefit – though completely, but significantly. For verified women the cost is 4,90 € (6 months), 7,90 € (3 months), or 9,90 € (1 month).

The Payment the memberships can either by credit card, by Bank Transfer or via direct debit be done. A Cash is in question to the customer service possible.

Conclusion to the JOYclub cost: The JOYclub fair cost-absolutely and comparison are in the industry more in the middle area . Here you get a lot for the money. The JOYclub members are open-minded and motivated to enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

JOYclub Summary

In The Test: JOYclub
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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