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Conclusion: Secret.the Casual Dating Portal LoveScout24 is. Although not the largest Casual Dating offer in Germany, but quite convincing. Serious and Discreet! Payment is made in the Form of Credits, as according to intensity of use. No Subscription! This is Top!

Advantages and disadvantages of

Positive in the case of

  • No subscription, pay to the intensity of use
  • Very user-friendly Portal
  • Mysterious appearance with the Venetian masks - Makes you want more!
  • A high degree of anonymity

Negative in the case of

  • There are bigger deals for Casual Dating
  • For intensive users of the Credits model can be expensive

Our tip to

Upon registration, new members h&mdash get;often the Credits for a special price. The entry-level package, there is currently a one-time price of 19,90€. Immediately strike. Background—in addition: The more Credits you buy, the güconvenient your usage is. Extra Tip: The Sending of erotic post-cards is not worth it. Would be better to send the same "right" messages within the system. This works well! figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 22 actual contact sequence
  • 2 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate

Members statistics

40% of women

60% of men
The quota of women in

Suitability for adventure

  • Belongs to LoveScout24
  • Credits in packages starting from 59 € available

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 800.000
  • Demand trend: 50.000

The degree of activity in Germany

Even more popular than ...

... is currently Fremdgehen69 (all categories)

This Portal is hot!
  • Currently much more in demand than
  • Sex Dating and Live Chat site known from TV
  • Dating & Live Cam Dates in the vicinity

Test read

1. Test: Summary

A Sex Dating Portal Germany Dating, no 1, LoveScout24? Yes – is the Offshoot of LoveScout24 with a clear focus on the teaching of extramarital Affairs and infidelity contacts.

To test for a reason intense and to compare it with other portals for casual sex. With around 200,000 active members is not the biggest deal in the market but in the case of the prominent operators, definitely a serious market participants.

In the case of our large-scale Test, we want to find out the following:

  • How quickly you come to a sex date over
  • What kind of people you meet on
  • What is the ideal first contact, the promise of success?
The practical test in the near future: On the Website speaks of here, level full Partner for discreet erotic adventure you can find it. A profile was quickly created, upload photo, search criteria is defined, and let's get started with the practice test. In the following six months, we were able to check on the heart and kidneys. The response rate of the contacted women was very solid. On average, we have to every 6. News Feedback get. But we must also say that we have adjusted in the Test the sexual preferences to the extreme. The profiles of what is set as "experimental". The other search criteria but rather ordinary. The first date came about within 14 days . If it came to a Meeting, it also came in 80% of cases to have Sex. And now you ask how were the women?! All of the women we met here were ordinary girls "next door" . Not out of the crowd stabbing. But all very nice and adorable.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: The platform of is implemented very well thought out and consistently good. In contrast to many other Casual Dating platforms there are even a search function i. e. you can define your criteria at any time and instantly get other result lists. One feature we missed in however, The chat function what. Most of the Profiles provide good information about sexual preferences and the secret fantasies of the users. The profile images are usually hidden behind a Venetian mask. Caution: do Not Fake Profiles to fall for that trick that want to lure you to other pages.
User-friendliness in the near future: Concerning the user orientation, can convince on the whole line. The user-friendliness of the platform is exemplary. Most of the settings can be easily with the help of sliders changed. Browse other Profiles is easy and fun. So the payment model is solved in a user-friendly, since they must be received by no subscriptions.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: The costs depend strongly on the intensity of use of the platform. A message to a new contact costs between 1.20 € - 2,90€. "Normal users" can save compared to the standard subscription models. Heavy Users, however, are figures as of a certain date on it. In the case of normal use (on average a message to a new contact per day) reach a similar price level, as is the case with the Casual Dating market leader C-date. In the desire to have sporadic Sex Dates (e. g. 1 x per month) can expect so, quite.

2. practice test and experience advertises with the Slogan "Think high-level Partner for discreet erotic adventure". This statement we take as a benchmark for our Tests and experience.

For the practice test, we have us right after the registration the largest Credits package (5.400 Credits) the course. We want to eventually amass as many intense experiences on the platform. In addition, the price-performance is in this package ratio the most attractive, because then a Credit will cost only 4 cents. You need a minimum of 29 Credits to be a woman to write on . If you are lucky, you can win Credits or Credits for specific activities develop, but to us was worth the time full, so we have purchased the required Credits immediately.

The below described practical test lasted for some 6 months. The goal was to figure it out if you can establish really high-level contacts that so open to a sexual adventure are. In addition, we wanted to see how fast it comes on a Sex Date.

The Erotiktyp defines the desires, limits, and preferences

During the registration you will be asked for the desire for a adventure. There are three different presets to choose from, which you can Refine for your specific case.

You can apply the following basic settings: "romantic", "adventurous" or "untamed". You can, however, start on the green Meadow, and even the individual controller to the questions according to your Wishes, boundaries, preferences, activities, and the fetish to make.

Image: results according to the Definition of one's own erotic type of registration

We have first of all, for "experiment" decided and then one or the other setting is minimally adapted. In addition to the default setting of "experiment" works "romantic" very well in our Test. The more extreme we were in our settings, the less successful we were on This is the consequence of this is that only very few users of "public" in your most extreme preferences.

Sorting the search results according to accuracy of fit is useful

After the profile is properly filled in and with a matching profile picture what is equipped, we have let ourselves in for active to the adventure . On the overview page, you can find a whole set of matching contacts. Each contact is provided with a percentage number that indicates the degree of Match to the previously entered profile information. Now, you can also customize your search parameters, such as radius, age, size, figure, etc. and will immediately have an updated contact list.

In most of the contacts you can Face of the counterpart is only a guess , since most of the women use the anonymity feature with the help of a mask . Further images were then activated in the rule, in the course of the conversation of the women.

The individual contacts are sorted by last Login . If you write to the women above, you can be sure that these ladies are still on active. We have written to several women with a high Compliance (> 90%), and were now looking forward to the reactions. Answers will come to you anyway? Or is it all just Fake?

Image: selection of the masks for the anonymity of the profile photos

The message to the first 10 contacts what is as follows:

Hi [ user name], our Profiles have a fairly high level of agreement. When I look at Your wishes and preferences, I also believe that we fit very well together. Tell me please something more about you. Why would You like me yet? LG“

The first Meeting after 14 days

Of the 10 contacted the women, they've responded within 2 days of the 3 women. With one of these women has an intense flirtation developed after 14 days in a Date ended . The Date ended, of course, in bed.

During our multi-month test phase, we were able to look for more Dates and more women for a sexual adventure to win. Most of them were ordinary women, who could theoretically be in the neighborhood. No Porn Stars, and not even the Germany's Next Top Model. Many of the on taken women were no longer without a relationship, Either because you didn \ 't want a relationship or because they had no time for a relationship, or because they have not found a suitable life partner. To Sex they did not want to abandon but all of them. We can very well understand and find it good that there are search platforms, such as the remedy.

Even if it is on from the outset it is clear that both parties are looking for Sex, want to be conquered all the women . Try a little wit and charm in your messages to bring in, then it will work with the discrete, almost by itself. Heavy-handed messages with statements such as "Fuck." so search for nothing to . They behave in as in normal life, as if they would get to know a woman in a Bar. The only difference is that The address at it is much easier. In addition, you know that the woman speaking with you, pretty sure want to have Sex, otherwise you would not have angemldet in Secret. There is not much missing so, in order to win you for a nooner. A few more reviews (both good and bad), you can read, for example, in the case of Brigitte. Who wants to see the female point of view on that gets you here .

The Success Rate

We have experimented during our Tests much. With different preferences and settings, but also with different messages. Below see for yourself what is better and what less works well.

Image: evaluation of the Tests

Conclusion to practice test: You can get to know about women. And you can come across so to have Sex . however, no Puff, where you simply buy a woman, but still a single market. Erotic adventures are here get lighter than a conventional a single exchange, you will need to still the woman effort. Level full of compliments and charm to speed up the way to the bed enormous. Nevertheless, do not anticipate that a woman on the same day, after logging in tow. Approximately 10-14 days you can usually plan for a first Sex Date.

3. functions and Profiles

As one of the few values Casual Dating portal in the market, call features a classic search. This means you can define your search criteria and receive by the push of a button all members listed that match the predefined search criteria.

Communication with Members about news and about erotic cards

The communication at can be done either by a classic message out of the System or with the help of boilerplate erotic cards. In our Test the erotic goods Cards with pre-formulated spells to little effect. None of the women had ever responded to such a come-on. The classic message works a lot better.

As a Supplement to the system message we would like to have a Chat with . Unfortunately, there is not currently the Chat function. A Chat would speed up the one or other communication in the platform.

Profile image anonymous

The Venetian face mask is a omnipräsentes Element within the Community. Search masks are often used at sex parties, in order to remain "undetected". The makers have copied it for your purpose and give the users the possibility to place the mask over your image, or the eyes of the profile image, to anonymize in this way, the profile picture. You will see therefore, in the case of all members that have uploaded a profile photo, this in conjunction with a Venetian mask. You can usually detect the approach of the facial features, and get an appetite for more.

Image: Image anonymization with the help of the mask Tools

There are Fake Profiles on

After our Test we regret to note that we definitely have Fake Profiles run across. So at least our assumption. Many of the messages we have received no answers, or sometimes only very short messages. In addition, we received a number of time messages from ladies who wanted to lure us to other, more obscure pages. This is most of the professional ladies who advertise their own services.

However, as already mentioned above. One or the other Date came to be. But you should still be aware and know how to avoid Fake Profiles. Our Tip: View the Profiles of the members, the cover letter, more specifically. If a woman, for example, writes that she is looking for men aged 18-99 years, and the Rest doesn't matter, that smells very strong after a Fake profiles.

In addition, we recommend that you leave the selection of sexual desires not to be extreme. There are not many women who speak in Public so openly about their Sex desires, unless you are the remember now how to flirt successfully .

Erotiktyp set

The definition of the erotic type play in an important role. On the basis of the information provided therein, namely, the degree of matching of the is measured contacts. You can specify which erotic games or preferences, you want to know what would be nice, what would be the situation conceivable, and what you do only rarely, or what the Absolutes are taboo subjects. The Mix of choice options is large. Starting with very mundane activities like Kissing, caresses, or the use of toys to fetish topics such as SM, Latex/lacquer/leather, or Gang Bang.

Image: Erotiktyp in define

Other notable features

Beyond the classic Dating features, there are at some of the special features that will help you be more successful in to. For example, you can your Photo present in a Golden frame in order to get more attention. Among us: This is a feature we regard as pointless. An interesting profile picture will bring you significantly more.

Interestingly, the function is "Who is looking for me". Here you can get women ads, looking for exactly such a man as you are. Be taken into account here such information as age, size, or figure.

So of interest is the "I'm a favorite of the" Function. Here you can see which women have you saved as a favorite. Maybe you have an idea on how you this lady is at an early stage can ensnare.

Image: selection of the special functions in

Our favourite special feature, however, is the explicit Display new members. Search women have proven in our Tests to be particularly motivated. If you are one of the first, the cover letter and so interesting, you have won. The success rate was in the case of such contacts in principle, something higher.

Furthermore, you can the ability to unlock to see their profile visitors and to search the Option only to members with a profile picture.

The activation of all of these described here, the special features will cost you 29 Credits. After paying the features for 15 days to be unlocked.
Conclusion to the functions and the profiles: The use of fun! The functions are well thought out and Mature. If you start with the search function, to play, you will notice, that the boundless search result in sex hookups is very exciting. In addition, it is always interesting to see what suggestions you get, after you adapt quickly to the desires and taboos. Annoying, however, the existing Fakes are. You should look at in any case, the Profiles of the women more closely and to the Letter of the ladies of the healthy people switch mind. A Playmate is not looking for men aged 18-99 years.

4. User-friendliness

The registration goes fast from the Hand. After entering your E-Mail address and the confirmation of the E-Mail Links is only 5 steps from the entry in the Casual Dating world.

In the next steps you first define your user name and the password. Then the Definition of the erotic type is as follows. As already indicated, the Erotiktyp you can set, individually, or the three predefined types of romantic resort (, adventurous, uninhibited). With experiment, we were able to make the best experience. This is not too boring and at the same time not too extreme. The majority of the real the user floats on the same wavelength, so our impression.

In the next step, can you tell something more about yourself. The basic information such as marital status, figure, and body size are required. After you specify your search criteria and load your image incl. the selection of the correct mask to anonymize your profile. The whole process takes a maximum of three minutes and you're good to go. contact

Postal address
LoveScout24 GmbH
Dingolfinger Str. 1-15
81673 Munich


customer [email protected]

Image: part of the registration form at

If you want to reach the customer service, unfortunately there is no phone number that you could call. You can get rid of any questions and other Concerns, either by E-Mail or by Fax. We have provided opportunities for pro-Forma a question about the payment and reply to you within 24 hours. From the aspect of a reaction is absolutely justifiable.

No notice required – Therefore no subscription trap in

Under the heading of user-friendliness, we illuminate normally, the termination modalities. There decided against a subscription model, there are no notice periods or similar arrangements for the termination. In this regard the process is very straightforward and user-friendly. It is to be feared here is not a subscription trap!

Conclusion to user-friendliness: The operation of the Website is very simple and understandable. is certainly one of the easiest-to-use and the latest Casual Dating sites. The customer service is only accessible by E-Mail or by Fax. The response time is fast, so that you must make here no Worry, to struggle with the unanswered questions alone.

5. Price-Performance Ratio

In comparison with many other Dating platforms, has decided to for a different cost model. Will be paid in depending on the intensity of use of the platform. Say, You pay per contact. In the case of not only men, but also women's pay, by the way.

To be able To contact members, you need the so-called Credits. You can purchase these in packages. The contact via the system message costs 29 Credits and the sending of a greeting card fails with 19 Credits to beech. According to our experience with the greeting cards, you can save yourself the money. Would be better to send ordinary messages. Just so a real conversation is concluded.

Depending on how expensive the Secret. Buy Credits, it costs a message between 1.20 to € 2,90 €. You can contact thereafter, the receiving Person as often as you like. There are no additional costs when you write with this one Person.

If we assume a "normal user" of Secret 15 new contacts per month, the price about the same range as the comparable competitors with a subscription model. If you are one of the users, the want a more intense use, it can be the Credits model, however, so soon to be expensive.

The cost for the Credits are graded as follows:

  • 675 Credits: 59 € (0,09 € per Credit)
  • 1.350 Credits: 99 € (0,07 € per Credit)
  • 5.400 Credits: 199 € (0.04 € per Credit)

As you can see, the price drops by Credit with the amount of Credits you buy. The more Credits you buy in one hit, the cheaper the cost per Credit. We recommend you not to buy a larger Credits amount, as the Credits expire. You can use it at any time later.

Conclusion to the cost: The the cost model has many advantages for the users. It does not run the risk to forget the notice period (no subscription trap) and You only pay for the actual use of the platform. You can here Dating to get to know so meets the purpose fully. For A Lot Of Users can model, however the first friendly costs (Credits) to convert to expensive fun. If you write to more than 15 contacts per month, you should think about the alternative! View daszu our other winner of the test.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic. Summary

In The Test:
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Seven / Th

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