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Conclusion: From the Late Night TV you know the advertising of Treffpunkt18 (or Treffpunkt69), in which a woman can't remember the name of your One Night Stands to remember. The protested: "my name is Jeff!", and it is clear that the two had a Sexdate without a lot of Babble, with no obligations and especially without the prospect of a common future. In contrast to vendors such as C-date and Secret, whose sites are emphasized stylish and Casual Dates with a level of promise, makes Treffpunkt18 no secret of the fact that it is a Portal for the quick number in-between. If all the Parties get their money, then, is wrong with that absolutely nothing.

Advantages and disadvantages of Treffpunkt18:

Positive in the case of Treffpunkt18

  • Known from the TV advertising
  • A Large Number Of Members
  • Very detailed profile information possible
  • Cheap way to test without a subscription for Premium features

Negative in the case of Treffpunkt18

  • Amateurish Web Design
  • Error in Text and programming
  • Many Fakes

Our tip to Treffpunkt18

In General: make you the huge variety of options in your Treffpunkt18 profiles to Use! A lot of profile texts are, especially in the case of the m male members, very short and carelessly written. Who gives here a bit of Mühe, and a schöhas nes profile image of Europe, can increase his chances to Some erhö. M—men, we recommend to buy after the first free Treffpunkt18 Test, a small Coins package, to a sample of the bounce contacts to kn–without a subscription final’s to müssen.

Treffpunkt18-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 12 actual contact sequence
  • 1 out of 10 requests to be a success.

The Contact rate for Treffpunkt18

Members statistics

20% of women

80% men
The share of women at Treffpunkt18

Suitability for adventure

  • Known from TV
  • Awareness of TV is no guarantee of quality

Suitability for adventure

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members country-wide: 1.000.000
  • Demand trend: 50.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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This Portal is hot!
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  • Sex Dating and Live Chat site known from TV
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Test read

1. Treffpunkt18 Test: Summary

The well-known TV commercials of Treffpunkt18 directed skillfully and with a wink to the young women who are in the mood for a One Night. Well the guy is supposed to look, but his name does not have to remember a woman that for a long time. But every woman here is really your "Jeff" for a night?

Or the strategy is not to go at all? Our practice tests tend to have shown that in the case of Treffpunkt18 woman shortage. Maybe there are more guys who would like to be for a night, "Jeff", as gals, want to get a "Jeff" to bed?

Video: Treffpunkt18 TV Spot: my name is Jeff

The practical test in the near future: With a beautiful Design or great features Treffpunkt18 can't points. The profiles offers a unique variety of options to define the self and the desired Partner exactly.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: The detail will fall in most questionnaire, we came ever to the Casual Dating under. Perfect for members who have a specific fetish, or a very concrete idea of the ideal sexual partner!
User-friendliness in the near future: The side of Treffpunkt18 is overall easy to use and very clear. Even the "help" and "terms and conditions" are easy to find and easy to understand. Only in the case of the many different Premium member properties’s complicated.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: With the cheapest silver membership, you can get cheap, but high-higher priced stationary Gold - and platinum-offer packages no Savings in comparison to other Casual Dating sites, the performance in the practice test better . Unbeatable price the Coins that open up, however, only some of the functions are.

2. Treffpunkt18 practice test and Treffpunkt18 experience

The side of it is very simple. Really extremely simple. So simple that you might think at the first glance, you had just landed on one of those Domain placeholder Websites.

The application is quickly and easily done – apart from the various prompts to complete the profiles, the consequences, if one is already "in there". "To be able To the functions of use" you have to make some mandatory disclosures. In addition to date of birth, country and place of residence as the age of the partner or the partner, as well as the answer to the question “What am I looking for?” With the selection of options, Flirt, fling, relationship or friends here but quite a strange choice – especially for a page that is dedicated to law clearly the Sex Dating.

Of course, but that was not all. In the fully filled-out profiles, new members can go right to the last Detail. In addition to the staff description (for which you should take in free text – not necessarily time) there is information on pretty much every point: the look, the erotic Details and facts about the life change that almost no questions open. So seamless and detailed that no other questionnaire, the us came from the Casual Dating is actually.

Image: Treffpunkt18 - extract from the questionnaire

Special characters in the input forms of Treffpunkt18 have their difficulties. At least cryptic is the place to dive into the profiles of many members of the holder, the of the appearance to interfere quite. So a typo in the Website texts are not rare – of the members-not to mention Profiles.

Our male testers could hardly he was logged in, the flirting Attempts of the female members hardly avoid. Due to the unrealistically attractive profile images and extremely offensive speech, the assumption was that it could be Fakes, close to . And actually Treffpunkt18 to the Terms and conditions, without circumlocution, that "professional entertainers, and operators [ ... ] not marked in the System separately," are on the platform on the go. Who Chats the mood for some sexy Online and do not mind that it will come with the b-girls will probably never be a real Meeting, so it has good cards. All the other men should take advantage of your greatest asset...

Female members remain at Treffpunkt18 amazingly unmolested. Probably many men's profiles are to blinded by the wanted sexy-designed animation, to take advantage of the more subtle profiles of real women of note. Exactly the the men should also make an effort so our tester is waiting on a nice, error-free text message from a man who shows visible serious interest in her.

Conclusion to practice test: Men give you trouble! Then you can take advantage of the weaknesses of Treffpunkt18 to Your advantage. Our male Tester had to confirm this strategy to be successful, and that there are nice women who are here seriously looking for a Sex Date (hint: it's not the one that look like 18 year old Models).

3. Treffpunkt18 functions and Treffpunkt18 Profiles

To automated Matching, there is not at Treffpunkt18. This makes the detailed profile is possible to locate very precisely to other members.

Image: search result for Treffpunkt18

In the quick search can be by user name or by gender, age and place of residence searched. The detail search, however, allows an extremely accurate determination of appearance ( Size, Weight Origin (read: ethnicity), and even, if glasses are a carrier is desirable), basic information such as education level and relationship status, but also for Sex Dates, relevant Details, such as bra size, penis length AND circumference (!)... and some more information.

Apart from the fact that you can go very precise, even on the search, there is also the possibility to be only of the members contacted, the fit in the own search scheme. You can specify, for example, to be only from men of a certain age and with the image written to want.

Conclusion to Treffpunkt18 features and profiles: Apart from the already mentioned (slightly enttarnbaren) Fakes there are also some good Profiles on the Treffpunkt18 page. On the right you can search the detail easy to find.

4. User-friendliness of Treffpunkt18

The registration couldn't be simpler, the page is clear and easy to use. So mobile you can search with the Treffpunkt18 App, flirt and news writing. However, the last Android App Update is already out for a while – which suggests that most of the members navigate to the page in the Browser. In the Apple App Store and you Search in vain for the erotic content like this.

Customer service, too, can points on the page, thanks to extensive FAQs and Terms and conditions. If, however, a question remains open, he is by telephone hotline, Email and Fax to reach.

The termination of Treffpunkt18 is by letter, Fax or by E-Mail. The period of notice of 10 calendar days days (in the case of services with a contractual maturity of less than 30 calendar even up to one calendar day before the expiry of the term of the contract) is adhered to the warden.

Conclusion to the Treffpunkt18 user-friendliness: Just in terms of customer service Treffpunkt18 is actually exemplary. Of the many contact opportunities and ease of termination might cut off some of the other Dating service a disk.

5. Treffpunkt18 Price-Performance Ratio

For women completely is Treffpunkt18 for free. Only to be as a TOP member in the search, shown, could also acquire female members Coins, but this should actually have no woman needed. A well-placed message to a couple of interesting members is likely to bring more success and will cost you nothing.

Men need to be Premium members to contact. To do this, you can earn Coins, with which individual Chats can unlock. Alternatively, there is the possibility of a silver-, Gold -, or platinum-to-buy package, all of which are in the Form of subscriptions at the end of the term of the contract can be terminated. Gold and platinum curls with a contact guarantee, however, the buyer should be aware that this guarantee is met by an answering message, even when no real Treffpunkt18 Date is reached.

The advantage of this is that male members you can slowly approach – only sign-up for free, then the Coins package purchase, and finally, if you Like a Premium member. So you don't commit to anything, as long as you are unsure.

Payable for all chargeable services by credit card, direct debit or Online Bank transfer immediately.

Treffpunkt18 Prices:

30 days:
29,90 € (1 € / day)
90 days: 49,90 € (0,55 € / day)
180 days: 89,90 € (0,5 € / day)

30 days:
39,90 € (1,33 € / day)
90 days: 59,90 € (0,67 € / day)
180 days: 99,90 € (0,56 € / day)

30 days:
49,90 € (1,66 € / day)
90 days: 69,90 € (0,78 € / day)
180 days: 109,90 € (0,61 € / day)

The point of Coins are also available in packages available in. The package-prices are staggered as follows:

80 Coins: 9,99 €
200 Coins: 24,99 €
500 Coins: 49,99 €
1.200 Coins: 99,99 €

Conclusion to Treffpunkt18 cost: The large selection of Premium packages is confusing and difficult to by. You can compare the individual prices, since they are calculated on the price per day down. In addition, the customer can choose the best Option, and Treffpunkt18 membership with different means of payment to pay.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Adventure . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Treffpunkt18 Summary

In The Test: Treffpunkt18
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Six / Th

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