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Conclusion: As you would expect from the market leader is Parship (nearly) all in all, a top product. A power particularly unique: The sociability of the members is incredibly high! Absolute top, and therefore a clear winner of the test!

Advantages and disadvantages of Parship:

Positive at Parship

  • Nowhere else could be so fast, made so many contacts (best grade)
  • A premium product in all aspects with high quality
  • Lively, very large members of a community
  • Very good for finding a partner on the mobile phone and Tablet suitable
  • Excellent Price-Performance Ratio

Negative at Parship

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal of membership (however, all the Dating services)
  • Lack of price transparency (however, almost all Dating services)

Our tip to Parship

You should only switch to a premium membership, if you gefällt. Then, however, is a A Premium membership is essential since it is the only message with other members can be replaced kö. The same works with all of the Dating services and the main component of which is für members on Dating.

Parship-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 78 actual contact sequence
  • 8 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate at Parship

Members statistics

51% women

49% of men
The share of women at Parship

Fitness for love

  • Greatest Dating Service In Germany
  • High-Quality Partner Proposals

Fitness for love

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 4.000.000
  • Demand trend: 370.000

The degree of activity in Germany

1. Parship Test: Summary

The Desire for love and the search for a suitable Partner for life is as old as life itself. Nowadays, it is completely normal for the life partner on the Internet access. There is nothing to try his luck on the Internet. Online Dating can be search have many advantages (time saving, pre-selection, contact volume, quality, etc.) and the ideal complement to Offline. Specialized Dating services offer some very good Services. So why not target online for a Partner search?

Not without reason, Parship is the largest Portal and the largest platform in Germany for the life partner. Our Test has shown that Parship is a thoroughly enjoyable product at a very high level, which ensures its competitors as the winner in the shadows. But in addition to the majority of the convincing test results, Parship has retracted some of the (few) negative points. Nevertheless, Parship, our test is the winner for all who are Dating and a high level of sociability among the members appreciate.

A summary of the test results of the Parship:

Practice test and experience
In this area, it has been shown Parship all! In our contact-Test (incredible 77 out of 100 points), we were able to determine that Parship is probably the best functioning of the partner Agency in Germany. Nowhere else we had exchanged during a membership ever so many contacts in such a short time, and there are nice photos and news. This Parship experience, we seem to share with many users. The small minus point for the lack of transparency in the price of communication, in addition to this test a success. Nevertheless: Absolute Top!
Features and Profiles
As expected, Parship by scores here solid, even very good functions . The matching method is sound and delivers very good results . The communication functions and the Profiles provide everything what it takes to find the right Partner. A profound Innovation would still have been there, there would have been here also, the maximum number of points. Very good!
A difficult field. Not only for people, but for all the Dating services. The stumbling block is the Monthly subscription with automatic renewal, the cumbersome notice for the member and missing phone number for the customer service (tip: So the termination is very simple). Conciliatory Parship shows in the usability of the portal and the quality of the partner proposals. It is tidy and very easy to use. Singles fun to move here. Plus points also for the consistent mobile orientation, for example, via App for mobile phone and Tablet. Good!
Price-To-Performance Ratio
Parship is not cheap. The question at this point is: Should it be? The services and the Price in the correct ratio? Our reply: first, no; second, Yes! Parship is a premium product for the serious Dating. Parship is at the top of the Online services for love and partnership. To invest who is willing to in a partnership and to ensure the best possible Service and would like to use the Parship is Price-to-performance ratio feel very good . Result: Top!

2. Parship practice test and Parship experiences

To be able To give you a comprehensive and real picture of offer, we have tested the matchmaking in detail themselves. For this purpose, were Dating-Compass two Parship Profiles created and operated (average male and female profiles). First of all, the free features and possibilities were explored. Later it was changed to a premium membership to the Dating service for Singles in fact, until the last angle to test. The test results are, of course, highly crucial for our test sentence.

At Google the search term" Parship Experiences “ a, we stumble on some reports from users who have had negative experiences with Parship. We do not want to ignore these reports, but a comprehensive picture of Parship offer. For this purpose, we have tested the matchmaking in detail and reports all the Details about the real quality. Be it positive or negative.

2.1 first impression of Parship

Parship provides a lot of information, so that the visitors can make a first impression of the Dating service, without the need for the registration to go through. There are already the first plus point. Divided into various headings you will find information on membership, an explanation of the mediation methodology (the Parship principle), information, data and profile security, and of course a lot of success stories. The information is presented very comprehensively and beautifully. Many how-to videos round out the offering. You can make so actually, a first image of Parship. Particularly good is the fact that all of the information so what are display very well on the phone has to fall to us. The above pages are also mobile-optimized, which is, unfortunately, all the matchmaking is so.

Video: Useful explanation for the functioning of Parship.

Parship works on the first glance, serious and very professional. Of course, the info with any amount of advertising riddled messages. This can take a while to note should you enjoy but with caution. All of the major Dating services are trying to convince with these so-called facts from the own Dating service and prices, the quality of the partner proposals. A guarantee for the private partner lucky is not, of course. In addition, the data are not to understand completely, because the source is available. Some data are from the year 2013, this could have a lot done. Trust, however, that the facts are correct, these can be quite impressive. Then Parship can Shine with impressive Figures.

Image: the facts should speak for Parship.

What bothers us in the first impression: The Parship Prices a failure to communicate. Nowhere is to be read in ausgeloggtem condition, what is the cost to Parship. It is even hard to understand that Parship will cost after signing anything at all. In the FAQ it is listed that there are paid functions, and also what these are for novice Singles, however, it is difficult to understand, that he will surely come to the point where he needs a paid premium membership. Although it is everywhere said that the registration what for free, how much is the future premium membership, however, is not mentioned. Although a premium membership is not compulsory, the matchmaking can be so good as not used. Here we miss the transparency. Unfortunately, Parship in this case differs in no way from the other Dating services. It is in the industry's common practice to disguise the later costs for a premium membership. We welcome this of course is not good and will give you the Parship-the costs in this test report.

Image: The Parship-prices will only be reveal after registration.

2.2 contact-Test at Parship

In the contact Test, it is checked how easy and quickly it comes to the matchmaking with other members in contact. The contact Test can be understood in part as a test of Activity and provides information about the quality of the active members. Finally, this result provides the crucial information as to whether a matchmaking works, and how well it does. So, Parship, we have subjected to this Test.

The sociability [...] is extremely high!

To anticipate is to be noted that on our part has not yet been achieved in any other Test of the Dating services such a good result. The sociability at Parship is extremely high and is to be regarded as a very positive result. In particular, the number of passive contacts, so the fact other members go on a is remarkable and exceptional!

Image: What happened here? Almost overnight, countless requests came. This pleases the user.

The results of the test at Parship

30 days contact Test at Parship

>> Passive contacts: 122

  • of received standard greetings: 76
  • of the received individual messages: 46

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 25
  • it received positive responses: 13
  • of individual messages: 25
  • it received positive responses: 15

Success rate: 78 out of 100 points
(Premium membership)
50 (max.) passive contact plus Twenty eight positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

2.3 conclusion practice test and experience Parship

Even if we have been angry about the fact that the Prices not transparently communicated, we are left with no other choice, as the Practice test with "summa cum laude" passed to explain. Our Parship experience to no other judgment. The fitting accuracy of the partner's proposals is already at a high level, but with the sociability of its members, Parship uses a real sign! Excellent!

3. Features and Profiles on Parship

3.1 function and mediation methodology on Parship works like most of the major Dating services (personality test and Matching process), but has nevertheless notice some of the values in features.

The Matching Process

Step 1

To is, first of all, the free registration . After logging in, it goes directly into the Parship- Personality test a. This consists of approximately 80 questions and 400 answers, and is filled in by ticking (of course, everything is online). Take a little time with this, this can take 20-30 minutes. This time is well invested, because later you can repeat the Test (actually) and the results are the Basis for success on Parship, since it is determined which partner suggestions you will receive as a member.

Image: Sophisticated questions, or Amateur psychology?

Step 2

On the Basis of the answers of a personal profile is created, the so-called Partnership personality . This contains 32 individual characteristics, which are according to Parship for a harmonious partnership relevant. The Test and the analysis are referred to by people as "scientific", in order to convey a high perceived value. And, indeed, the Test of a Prof. Dr. Hugo Slim was developed at the faculty of psychology at the University of Hamburg. According to Parship, theoretical, social-psychological, psychoanalytic, and Gestalt flow behavior psychological findings in the analysis.

Step 3

Now comes the Matching Algorithm into the game. The automated process in which the partnership personalities of the members to be adjusted is called. Two members fit together, therefore, well, you are suggested to each other. The Matching algorithm consists of 136 rules, so it is a simple method of, for example, only the interests of two members are compared. However, it is also not magic, but the very well-made attempt to people are a good fit to bring together.

Step 4

The result list with the Partner proposals you can now search settings refined. This can be, for example: age, size, Region, desired number of children, income (premium feature), education (a premium feature).

Image: Just some of the many partner proposals.

Step 5

It has a list of relevant Profiles, it is to be active . Now, you should write to interesting people. Initially, this may be only a standardised greeting (of little relevance, and little individual), or equal to, a message. We would generally recommend the latter, because here can be made to the other Person. However, it is required for the Sending of individual messages to a premium membership. From here, the paid Parship begins. You will understand why we said at the outset that a premium membership is essential. Who can write no news, is to be contacted dependent. And even then, can't be answered free of charge (only 1x). Without communication, it is the getting to Know, of course, difficult. The Parship Prices and an assessment of which you can find below.

Matching Points

The Matching points to give how well two Profiles fit together . The points lie between 60 and 140. Be compared to the data from the personality test, in particular, the personality self, the habits and the interests. Detailed graphics give a clear indication about how the Matching point come about. Well made and very useful.

Image: 124 Matching points are very good. The details in the detail view.


To contact a a Message function (Premium only)," A Smile to send "(with message Premium only), and" Fun questions to ask “ (a fun idea) available. In addition, you can send the other a "compliment" for which profiles entries. More bells and whistles it needs. The communication functions are completely sufficient, and will make you want to contact.

Image: "fun questions" proves to be a very useful feature to quickly get in touch with others and to be able to group them together. Very well done!

3.2 quality of profiles on Parship

Parship promises that each profile of the editor will be considered and reviewed. The Verification is done manually by our employees. To be considered for both the profile images, as well as the text into free-text fields. This is what makes Parship so, of course, because only in this way can be prevented that someone is inappropriate or dubious content, invites to the partner agencies (for example. pornographic content). Serious partner would be the viewfinder in horror.

In our Parship Test, we are no Fake profiles met.

By this measure, many Fake are revealed Profiles. Fake Profiles are Profiles of members that don't exist in real at all. These are often scammers (some scammers), and try your professional services or to cheat money. But no need to worry at Parship. In our Parship Test, we are no Fake profiles met. This is top! Nevertheless, remain cautious!

So, the fact that the premium membership for Singles at Parship cheap, reduces the number of Fake Profiles significantly.

Parship can still score points with a free, so-called ID-Check. It is sent to the user on his mobile phone, a Code that he must enter. We find the ID-Check generally good, because it provides additional security and creates trust. So you can notice as a user through an ID-Check to be positive. Someone has to verify, appears in many eyes to be trustworthy and seriously looking. The real gain in security is limited. Finally, it is only checked whether the profile belongs to a working phone number, and / or whether this has not been used for other Profiles. Nevertheless, a step in the right direction!

Profile Tips:
  • Stand out successfully from the crowd, by the "ID Check" on Parship make. As you gain confidence and seriousness for the other users.
  • Download as a lot of pictures of high. Only one image is shown to other users, this is often skeptical. You can also present themselves in various situations.

Anonymity at Parship is large. As long As the profile pictures are not released explicitly for the selected contacts, these are only vaguely visible. Name no. On the Portal is worked with Chiffres. All of this ensures that you will be recognized on Parship only, if you want to so.

3.3 conclusion Parship features and Profiles

The features and Profiles for Parship at absolutely a high level and meet your service very good. The Matching works very well. Here, there is nothing to complain about. Real innovations are not offered. Fun and useful at the same time is the function "fun questions". So overall very good.

4. User-friendliness: Parship

4.1 customer service and contact at Parship

On the aspect of customer service Parship understands excellent: It is very a lot of useful information for members are offered to use the matchmaking. Already the first message in the Inbox contains tips for the first steps in Parship. In addition, there are countless articles and Videos, the helpful recommendations for all topics related to the search for a partner to give. There's also a whole guide section full of tips & Tricks.

Image: to look Good can be crucial – tip Videos on Parship.

Unfortunately, the site is on the entire Parship no telefnon number to find. You as the user of a Problem and would like to get phone help, this is not possible. Consequently, we could not test the phone customer service, because it does not exist. Too bad. Minus point at this point.

Our question what is appropriate, friendly, and quickly answered by Email. Sent we had our Problem via the contact form. Here, the customer service makes the Minus from the top again.

4.2 termination at Parship

Here, too, Parship conceded, like all other Dating services is also a minus point. The premium membership is a subscription that will automatically renew if not timely cancelled. We do not find this business practice very user-friendly. Unfortunately, not all Dating methods, almost according to this model.

Tip: Don't forget your Parship To cancel subscription once you have found a Partner. We explain here how to do this quickly and easily.
So you cancel at Parship:

If you want to cancel your Parship premium membership, do the following at the best how to. If you know how, it's very easy. Just follow this Link complement the Writing with your personal data (the code number), print the Letter, sign it and send it off. Done!

Reminder: Call your e-mail address you used when people are logged in and/or box number. You need to be identifiable. Submit don't forget!

Image: it Is cancelled the premium membership successfully, see it here.

4.3 operation and Design on Parship

Here it is for Parship to collect a plus point. In fact, it is even so that Parship, with its Design and the user guidance standards in the field of Dating services uses .

The menu navigation is clear and intuitive to use. The pages themselves are tidy and not cluttered. The Design is advanced and makes a very good impression. No other matchmaking looks in our opinion as well. Although the Design is not the most important criterion in the selection of a partner Agency, it contributes, however, to how much you happen to be on the Portal, and whether you will feel comfortable.

4.4 Mobile Use Parships / Parship App

And once again a Plus point for Parship None of the other, long-established Dating agencies in Germany has a completely mobile-optimized Portal . Parship already. On Parship, you can not only register a mobile phone or log-in, but also the convenience of on-the-go about the matchmaking inform. The other Dating services only to clamber over classic Websites.

Image: Parship is very well suited for mobile phone and Tablet.

Parship, there are of course also available as an App. For both Apple as well as Android and Blackberry devices. Both are of the user-friendliness at a very high level and make as much fun as the classic desktop application.

4.5 Conclusion Parship User-Friendliness

As with (almost) all the Dating agencies so Parship failed with a user-friendly payroll model. To automatically-renewing subscriptions and complicated terminations make Parship in this respect only to a matchmaking among many (hint: Easy and quick to terminate ). It is also a pity that there is no phone number for customer service. At least the test problem was solved quickly via our contact request form.

Positive Parship at the aspect a could convince user-friendly operability and Design. Both top! Remarkably, the mobile alignment Parships is. In addition to the Apps for Apple and Android Parship offers a fully mobile-optimized Portal. So the search for a partner to make fun again.

5. Price-to-performance ratio at Parship

5.1 Parship prices and Parship costs

As already mentioned, for the successful use of Parship a premium membership is essential. Because only then the messages can be read and sent (1 in response to a message from a premium member is possible for free). Of course, a functioning communication is the A and O around. This function is absolutely necessary. And of course there is a price.

The investment in a partnership would be created, in our opinion, there is nowhere better.

It must be clear to everyone that he is invested with Parship in an expensive product. The monthly contributions add up to large sums of money. On the other hand, everyone needs to be aware that he acquires with Parship is a Dating service first class. Those who place great value on quality and active members of the community, is to consult with Parship very well. No other Dating Agency can afford it, in our opinion. The investment in a partnership would be created, in our opinion, there is nowhere better.

Parship distinguishes between three premium memberships with different prices. We will explain the difference:

Premium lite - Services Included:
  • Unlimited communicate (absolutely necessary)
  • Partnership-personality-analysis-as-a-PDF (not necessary)
  • Duration 6 Months (often too short)
  • Parship price: 59,90 € per month
A Premium classic - Services Included:
  • Unlimited communicate (absolutely necessary)
  • Partnership-personality-analysis-as-a-PDF (not necessary)
  • All shared photos of other Profiles to see (have)
  • Complete list of visitors to the lake (useful)
  • Regional Area Search (very useful)
  • Contact warranty (Advertising promise – it's unnecessary)
  • Duration 12 Months
  • Parship price: 44,90 € per month
Premium comfort - Services Included:
  • Unlimited communicate (absolutely necessary)
  • Partnership-personality-analysis-as-a-PDF (not necessary)
  • All shared photos of other Profiles to see (have)
  • Complete list of visitors to the lake (useful)
  • Regional Area Search (very useful)
  • Contact warranty (Advertising promise – it's unnecessary)
  • Duration: 24 Months
  • Parship price: 29,90 € per month

We recommend the Premium classic variant. Why?

It contains important functions the Premium lite variant has not, unfortunately, and you can approx. 15 € save . Among the important functions of the regional area search and the opportunity the visit list to be considered complete. Both of these can justify the longer term. Of course, if you are looking for preferably for a Partner in your area. The visitor list is helpful, because people are already somehow become aware of you and you might find it interesting. These individuals and cover letter, the chances of success increases identify.

What is the meaning of the contact guarantee?

It should come in the 12-month premium membership to at least 7 contacts, in the case of the 24-month premium membership to at least 10 contacts, want helped extend the premium membership for free for a year and a. "Contacts" in this sense, are answers as free text messages. In our opinion, is The number of The promised contacts are more likely to be exceeded is low, and is probably by far the . It is, therefore, probably a rather unnecessary advertising promises.

Image: As it happened already. A message from a interesting contact, arrived, but without premium account it is not readable...


At the beginning of the membership, Parship is a for about 30 hours with a voucher for 20% discount to. Who is sure that he wants to make use of Parship can access the same convenient.

Image: voucher for a 20% discount will only be displayed for approximately 30 hours

Caution: As with all other Dating agencies, therefore, extended the premium membership at Parship automatically to the originally selected term, if not timely terminated. We recommend, therefore, directly after the conclusion of the premium membership, to terminate this already, as a precaution, re ( Information for easy and fast termination).

5.2. Price-to-performance ratio at Parship

You can make Parship is no allegation that it is subject to a fee. A good and reputable site, such as Parship, it is actually, has its price. Parship has cost employees and development, all of which need to be paid. And the benefits that the user gets for his / her member contribution offered, justify this price.

Even if Parship is one of the expensive Dating services. The Matching process is well thought out and of high quality, the whole of the Portal has the same functions and the preparation of Design and user-friendliness is absolutely a premium product.

Parship is a Dating service first class. Nowhere else in our Tests were quickly established so many contacts. Only to the communication of the price there is to complain about something, because these could be more transparent. Ultimately formulated, but is a little sloppy: Who wants to have a Mercedes, you must also pay the price.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Love . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Parship Summary

In The Test: Parship
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Nine / Th

User Ratings Overall


Quick reviews of the users

Thank you for you made this report so much trouble. Finally, a detailed and critical review of the Dating sites. Otherwise, you will find no credible reports on the Internet. Have you tested your Parship more often or only once? I would be interested if you made different experiences have made.

Hello Steffi, that are of course very pleased that you like the articles like. The way it should be. :) We have tested Parship over the last 3 years on a regular basis. However, never in search of detail as in this Test. Our experience over the last few years what that Parship step-by-step, the market leader has fought. Parship has managed (through a lot of advertising) many new members. This makes the matchmaking alive. The exceptionally good result from the contact-Test (see above). As long As Parship manages to keep the many members, it will remain the best partner Agency in Germany.

A really excellent, very detailed article. Merci! :-) It pleases me to see that Parship has cut off from your Test as well. This is exactly my personal experience. After I was initially registered at elite partner (because of the discount for single mothers), and really almost not a single workable contact to be a reasonably sensitive man to recover, I looked once again in the circle of friends, and, ultimately, Parship logged in. No comparison, ladies!

I don't agree with this rating due to personal experience. My previous statistics from every 100 contact requests (Both standard "Hello how are you, what have you done" to staff questions based on the profile) the answers, if 10% comes to approximately, of these, 10% 8/10 User responses already after the first answer, 1/10 responds to multiple messages easily, and the other 1/10 to a conversation.... with a bit of luck. I had now, in a year 3 Dates, unfortunately, these Dates were often less well. Of the Users I heard consistently the same statement, women are formally "it" with messages, both standard as well as harassing messages, many answer that they usually have hardly any desire at all. While female users make themselves very scarce, with regard to the contact, and then message a la " only; Hello, how are you?". (personal experience, not mandatory) is A big minus point for me is that you can't repeat the personality test after a certain time, it is changing, finally, and I must say, the people with a rating over 100 correspond mostly to the Approach of what I want. Dating profiles should be tested by "average" male test subjects, the women wants to build up on any Dating problem you have contacts. You visit the parship forum is very clear, what I mean, there are almost no positive Threads. (What is comprehensible way, why you should open a Thread in the Forum, if it is good xD is running, the amount of the contributions is crucial )

Hi Michael, thank you for your personal impression and your experience to Parship. It always pleases us to hear directly from users. Your detailed and factual contribution is particularly valuable. We understand your impressions very well. Of course, our Test does not have to match completely with your experiences, that is the nature of the thing, each user will make his / her personal experiences. It is always significant differences with respect to the Region may be, the seasons of the year, the profiles and the communication. It is important to us to capture the trend correctly. And our test result is actually very positive, which was confirmed by our overall impression of Parship. There are a few single exchanges that are currently so active. And nowhere else, we came so quickly and easily into contact with other users. By the way, we Parship have also tested with a ("average"), men profiles. But we have also made the experience that women can get a lot of messages and often, not all of the answer (). It is important to write messages that stand out from the crowd. I know this is easier said than done, but it is like in real life: to make at sought-after women, a point, must let the man come up with something. But even our male profiles has been actively contacted by the women, without a contact attempt on our part had taken place! To repeat the personality test: that's Right, you have changed or just the wrong answers in the Test clicked, not (more) fixed by then, unfortunately, that the partner's proposals fit. Thus, a significant feature of Parship is lost natural. What would be a great shame. We have a specific tip: write to the customer service and ask him to repeat the Test. In our Test, this worked and we got a Link to the personality test could be repeated. Try out! Thanks again for your comment and we wish you much success. Don't loose heart!

Quote: "What happened here? Almost overnight, countless requests came. This pleases the user." Am not (yet) a Premium member of Parship, since I had landed last year, a particularly favorable Premium membership, where you simply have to strike. Even in 24 months (extrapolation) come with me, however, no 24 (passive) contact. That's how it is with the 1.65 m body size - as a man falls for women easily by's search grid... Although Parship of all (paid) Dating sites so I get the impression that quite the 1. Place deserves, there is a lot of criticism: - The profession is written in our very large ("social education, 34, is interested in your profile", etc.). Sorry, but I'm not looking for new employees for my company, but a woman! - Parship regularly organizes Events: cooking classes, walks, etc., which is quite nice, where the number of participants is, however, from the outset, so the 16-24 participants is limited. I' there never participated, because who can count have a clear advantage - let's times 20, then expects's easier: Approx. half of it belongs to the other gender, power 10 of interesting people you might meet there. Here, in turn, is likely to be in age between about 20 and about 50 years of pretty much everything (Parship offers no Events specifically for certain age groups). That anyone learns at all from the opposite sex in the right age group, is almost a matter of luck. It also fits, even a whole order of magnitude less likely (even on a Blind Date via a newspaper ad is probably a better chance...). Conclusion: A Waste Of Money. And otherwise the usual criticism: Nothing against paid-for additional services, but that alone and the mere contact & communication is not free of charge, is and will remain an absolute disgrace and nothing can justify (see social networks & co.)! - Maybe one more thing: So, Parship, of course, to the so-called moon prices. However, who is smart enough and patient enough, waiting for great offers. Article could be critical, but all in all ok (3 stars). Wished I had more details from the profile used during the 30 days contact Test (size, age, profession, profile completeness, etc.). If it is necessary. so a Test with multiple profiles of all Stripes. So you have to assume unfortunately that the Test is more or less the "dream information"* what is carried out. Maybe I'm in my own Test, just to exclude that it is actually the indication of size is, what my tears staff rate is so bad down... *Of an average profile in the article the speech. For example, based on the size of the body (man) is the average of 1,80 m. Thus, also the resonance is not automatically the average, but is likely to be relatively high (what is the woman looking for a guy under 1.70 m or 2.00 m... -.-). Although Tests with the edge values are likely to be less about a single exchange of statements, but probably. more about the entitlement mentality of Singles...

Hi Andre, thanks for your comment! We are very happy that you find the test report. And we can understand your reasoning well. To the cost of the premium membership: The fee-based functions, although at the time of the contact, the payment should be as a contribution for the whole performance, the Parship provides understood. So in the first line for the free operation and development of the platform, as well as the Matching (the partner Agency) advertising. But clearly, Parship is the largest and the best working partner exchange and also pay.

Thank you for the analysis of PS. A question I had about the different Premium memberships, Classic and Lite. What is the meaning of "All the unlocked images, see" can? I can see in Lite, only one image or none at all? Can't show the Person, even if she wants it and me all unlocks - all your photos? A more detailed explanation would be super!

Hi Timo, thanks for Your comment. We are happy to answer Your question about the premium membership: The point "of All the unlocked images, see" means that it is possible for You to be able to the pictures of the other members to see. Without a premium membership and a premium membership Lite is the images of other members cannot be considered. Not just a few. The word "all" can be easily misunderstood. There is a need for at least a premium membership, Classic, and even the images of other members to see. Unfortunately this is the case. The images appear very blurry. Provided that an image can be seen, however, is always that the member has released the picture for You. This function is intended to protect the discretion. Our testing experience, the members of the pictures very quickly for each other. The look obviously plays an important role. We advise You therefore to take at least the Classic premium membership, so you know how Your conversation partner looks like. Once again, here is the short version: No Premium and Premium Lite --> blur All images of a Premium Classic and Premium Comfort --> to see All the (shared) images, We hope that we were able to help You. If You still have questions, you can contact us at any time again.


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