LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24) Test and LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24) experience

LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24) test result

Overall result:

Practice test:




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Conclusion: The largest single stock exchange in Germany convinced by a sociable and lively members of a community. The features are good and the Flirt-Portal makes a total fun. The price-to-performance ratio is good.

Advantages and disadvantages of LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24):

Positive in LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)

  • Very sociable members (contact Test result: very good)
  • Solid and fun features
  • Very user friendly (customer service and termination)
  • Free Mobile Apps

Negative in the case of LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)

  • Monthly subscription with automatic renewal (however, almost all of the flirt portal)
  • Lack of price transparency (however, almost all of the flirt portal)

Our tip to LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)

You can use the Möurgency be to register for free to LoveScout24 try it without risk. Only if you want to be active and start flirting, you have to switch to a premium membership. So you go no risk a!

LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)-key figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 51 actual contact sequence
  • 5 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)

Members statistics

45% women

55% of men
The quota of women in LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)

Suitability for Flirt

  • The largest single market for Flirts in Germany
  • Fun to Flirt with date roulette

Suitability for Flirt

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 5.500.000
  • Demand trend: 1.050.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

1. LoveScout24 Test: Summary

Flirt portal and Flirt Apps nowadays are a common means to meet new people . By playing it this way Single stock exchanges no matter whether it be just a Flirt, or whether it should be. Flirt portal offer to learn with a casual opportunity to know other people, both in the own Region as well as in the whole of Germany.

LoveScout24 is the most well-known Flirt-Portal in Germany. Almost 6 million members of the Flirt-Portal has in this country. Everyone knows LoveScout24 . How good is the top dog but really in the Test and in comparison with other Dating site and Dating Apps hardly can be seen cut off from the outside. That is why we have made a detailed LoveScout24 Test.

A summary of the test results on LoveScout24:

Practice test and experience
In the practice test LoveScout24 was able to prove that the large number of members also ensures that the Portal is alive and quickly add new contacts to be able to. Very good!
Features and Profiles
The features and Profiles are all solid and well made . In some cases, even fun (for example, the date, and roulette). Real innovations are not, however. Confusing the different functions on the App and website. Good!
Here LoveScout24 has a Plus point earned. In terms of customer service LoveScout24 has a phone number. The Notice is easy possible via Email. Very good!
Price-To-Performance Ratio
The cost for LoveScout24 are rather high in comparison with other Dating site and Flirt-Apps. A confusing Price structure between the App and the website, this aspect is aggravated. Overall, still ok!

2. LoveScout24 practice test and LoveScout24 experience

With this practice test is a real insight into the single market LoveScout24 to be offered. For outsiders it is difficult to judge how good of a Flirt-Portal actually is. Therefore, we test the single stock exchange in detail for you. For the Test, two Profiles are created. A female and a male with average profile images and profile information. Next, the Flirt is tested profiles with these portals, and a free membership. Subsequently, it is changed into a premium membership, so that all functions can be tested down to the last Detail. The practice test is an essential part for the overall judgment.

On the Internet many reports to LoveScout24 are to be found. Under the keyword" LoveScout24 Experience “ are circulating, for example, both positive and negative reports from users. We consider these reports in our Test of course and both the advantages and disadvantages of LoveScout24 in detail.

2.1 first impression of LoveScout24

LoveScout24 claims to be the number 1 of the single stock exchanges in Germany. However, contrary to what one would expect of this number, 1, indicates LoveScout24 first in a less professional and reputable light.

Video: current spot FS24 advertising

The home page of FS24 occurs a bit annoying in appearance. The a lot of advertising round looks cheap and may lessen the desire to Flirt well. Too bad, would have LoveScout24 but actually not necessary. To emotional home without advertising would make more sense.

Image: So much publicity around it? – Does it have to be.

Image: on The registration page, however, makes a professional impression and really makes you want more.

This LoveScout24 promises to be not only Flirts and love, but, more recently, adventure. Whether LoveScout24 can create this balancing act is questionable. For serious Dating, there are specialized Online Dating services, and (erotic) adventure, there are also specialized Casual-Dating. To want both under one has difficult clubs seems to be very.

Image: Flirts, love and adventure. In LoveScout24 all to your button. Whether the well can go?

Unfortunately, the interested customer is going to find hard information on the functioning of LoveScout24 (outside of the Login area). A small Link in the Footer, we come to a counselor page. Here, however, is declared insufficient, such as LoveScout24 works. In the magazine we also.

Disappointing and we also, no Information to the prices can find . Prior to registration, we were able to get any price information. Even in the terms and conditions, this will not be called. We find very transparent and user-unfriendly . Of course we tell them here the cost.

Tip: We recommend the registration on the LoveScout24 Website to make, even if you later want to use the App. The input of the information and Filling in the fields on the Computer much easier.

Overall, behind LoveScout24 at first glance you can't really good impression!

2.2 contact-Test on LoveScout24

The contact-Test examines how sociable members on LoveScout24 are. This feature is very critical for a single exchange. Therefore, the results of the contact Tests is the most important test result and has a significant influence on the overall assessment of the single market, in this case, LoveScout24. Only if the other users are ready to embrace new members, it can be flirting successfully.

The test results in LoveScout24

30 days contact Test LoveScout24

>> Passive contacts: 25

  • of received standard greetings: 15
  • of the received individual messages: 10

>> Active contacts: 50

  • of the sent standard greetings: 25
  • it received positive responses: 10
  • of individual messages: 25
  • it received positive responses: 16

Success rate: 51 out of 100 points
(Premium membership)
Twenty five passive contact plus Twenty six positive responses to active contact attempts

How does the contact Test?

  • For the Test, you can set a time frame of one month (30 days from profile completion - a premium membership).
  • In this period, successful contacts are counted.
  • There are a total of made 100 contact attempts (messages/greetings) (50 PCs.) and accepted (50 PCs.).
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts will automatically count as a successful contact.
  • Outbound (active) contact attempts count only as a successful contact, when a positive (conversation continues-leading) answer.
  • There is a maximum of 50 points for incoming (passive) and outbound (active) contact attempts can be achieved.
  • The result will specify in X out of 100 points. Say: X the successful contacts of 100 Try.

2.3 conclusion practice test and experience LoveScout24

How LoveScout24 in the contact-Test expected score due to the high number of members and their liveliness. Consequently, the The success rate is very good and it remains to confirm that it is extremely easy to learn on LoveScout24 to know new people . We are pleased with this result. Very good!

3. Features and Profiles on LoveScout24

3.1 profiles quality on LoveScout24

The registration is quickly done and can throw the user right into the Single-the fray. For this purpose, a whole battery of functions. First of all, the user should take care of but still something to his profile and expand it to personal information and, of course, a (or even multiple) images. Because with a fully completed profile it can be a lot easier to Flirt.

Image: The profile is almost completed to 100%.

About me

In the area of "About me" will be gathered the most important information to one's own Person. This is done on the basis of standardized Answers to your own Person. Be recognized in a few demographic characteristics as the place of residence, age and gender, the own appearance the own Life style (Marital status, type of nutrition as well as education and occupation) and the Leisure behavior . Lakes alone, this information is not very meaningful. Really important in this area, the "Motto" . Here is a attractive motto for life should be entered that describes the user well.

25 questions

Much more detailed and informative answers to the "25 questions are there." These questions treat the areas

  • Relationship,
  • Personality,
  • Hobby and habits,
  • My Environment
  • What you should know about me

and will be answered individually by a free-text, i. e. by a self-written answer. We recommend all users to answer as many of these questions, even if it takes time and effort. Just this information, but the profiles for other interesting.

Image: 4 of 25 questions that actually make help you a profile interesting.

The Private Area

The "private" area is initially for anyone else visible . On request this area can be shared but individual contacts. Here's a rather intimate information should be hidden is specified. A Flirt is far enough, you can enter this information individually and free to Flirt in addition to "fuel". A rather questionable feature, because of how charming and intimate this information may be, if it were specially created to share, where appropriate, several Flirts for free.

Profile Tips:
  • A consider quite special Motto . This is always displayed prominently in your profile and should, therefore, be really attractive.
  • Download many pictures of yourself. The more pictures the better. The images show not only the Person himself, but betray often behavior is also something about Hobbies and leisure. In addition, many of the images create trust.
  • You take the time and answer you 25 questions . These offer a wonderful opportunity to stand out from the crowd and Shine with individuality.

Fake Profiles

In our FS24 Test, we were met only very few suspect profiles (Fake profiles or Scammers). Overall, we had the impression that LoveScout24 a very secure and tidy in the single market is . The Profiles are editorially reviewed.

A separate profiles verification LoveScout24 not, however, . At other Dating, in particular Dating services is a telephone, a personal ID card, or a Video verification are used.

Image: This could be a high probability of a Scammer. No profile picture, rough language and a reference to an external website. Caution!

3.2 functionality and placement methodology LoveScout24

The "Search"

  • LoveScout24 website: available / free
  • LoveScout24 App: available / free

This is the it is the Central function on LoveScout24 . With the search giant LoveScout24 database can be scoured for the perfect flirt partner. Standard information the location and the radius are to be searched for in the and age. We recommend that only results with a profile picture display.

In advanced search can also be set on the appearance, education and family circumstances and the desired life style. All of which allow a very targeted search and, if necessary, so make sense.

Image: Soooo many Singles waiting to be met.

Note: In the LoveScout24 App the filter are functions of the search result severely restricted . So a will be displayed, for example, both men and women. To get To only people of the appropriate gender, you must function on the premium paid "Who seeks me?" evaded be. Of getting used to!

Location function

  • LoveScout24 website: not available
  • LoveScout24 App: available / free

With the LoveScout24 App can the in the search in addition Location function (GPS of the smartphone) to be used. By means of which all can Singles within a be displayed. So it can also be convenient on-the-go flirt.

"Who seeks me?"

  • LoveScout24 website: available / free
  • LoveScout24 App: available / premium surcharge

Noteworthy is the possibility to use the function "Who is looking for me?" is. This is quasi to a inverse search in which the user Profiles are displayed, the search according to the profile settings of the seeker. That is, The function could also be called: "Who likes me?" – where it properly should be called "Who is for a guy like me?". Very interesting and helpful feature!

Image: In the App Who is looking for me"?" a lot of sense.

The "Date Roulette"

  • LoveScout24 website: available / free
  • LoveScout24 App: available / free

To identify a further possibility of the potential flirt partner for the date roulette. Similar to the the legendary "Hot or Not" this function provides a a playful possibility to quickly and easily many LoveScout24-user view.

Under the question "want to Meet?" will be shown to the user, a profile picture of another user. You click on one of the answers, "next", "Maybe", "Yes" is replaced in the image by a new image of another user. So it goes on endlessly. The System remembers, however, the answer and evaluates them. The function "date roulette" helps very well to quickly find potential flirt partners. It also makes it even more fun to click through the members of a community. Class Flirt-Function!

"See who wants to meet you"

  • LoveScout24 website: available / premium surcharge
  • LoveScout24 App: available / premium surcharge

The Result of the date roulette . Two people have clicked each other "Yes" or "Maybe", this is displayed in Accordance. It is displayed, who would be interested in meeting with a to.

That initially only the appearance is evaluated, we find not bad. In real life it is not different. Here, too, the Flirting usually starts when two people find visually attractive.

Image: fancy a Meet? Yes, no, maybe...

The "Partner Proposals"

  • LoveScout24 website: available / premium-plus-surcharge
  • LoveScout24 App: not available

Rather, in the Category Love the function of "partner proposals". On the Basis of a 15-minute questionnaire creates a personality profile . On the Basis of which, in turn, a suitable partner will be served suggestions. The whole System looks very similar to the Online matchmaking. And actually LoveScout24 is also trying to position themselves here in this area.

In our testing of both the questionnaire as well as the resulting matches were in order. However, we were a little skeptical. We still don't trust LoveScout24 the same Matching competence, such as other specialized Dating services (e.g. Parship). Nevertheless, the results are good so far and the function is worth to keep in mind.

The function of "partner proposals" is a Premium-Plus performance. The partner's proposals are only for Premium Plus members to see.

Image: How well the proposal and our test profiles fits together.

The "Adventure"

The "adventure", the LoveScout24 so would like to cover still remains. This, however, hides only a forwarding to a Casual Dating platform "" . LoveScout24 itself is not active in this sector. Well, we find!

3.3 communication functions

If you have opt for one of the infinitely many Flirt-candidates can there are three ways to be addressed .

Image: Three contact options to choose from.

Write a message

  • LoveScout24 website: available / premium surcharge
  • LoveScout24 App: available / free

The classic and certainly still the most common way, with a Flirt of candidates is to get in touch, to write a message. So we prefer to have this contact, because in the Text customized to the user can be entered. This depends mostly good.

Tip: With this Trick, you can write on LoveScout24 free of charge news . If you want to lock up, but no premium membership, but still want to write, you can Dodge to the LoveScout24 App. This is available for free and you can write with your log-in for free news.


  • LoveScout24 website: available / premium surcharge
  • LoveScout24 App: available / free

The or the Chosen one at the Moment is online, it can also be a Chat started. A Chat allows a more informal, spontaneous conversation and is usually more entertaining than the News version. In the LoveScout24 App the Chat corresponds to the message function, and Vice versa.

"Flirt Contact" / Standard Greeting

  • LoveScout24 website: available / premium surcharge
  • LoveScout24 App: not available

The third possibility is with another member to come in contact is to send a flirt contact. Only between can five pre-defined messages/Standard-Greet be selected. The little creative variant of the communication is not appreciated in our Test of the addressees very ( Contact-Test ).

Image: A flirt is to send a contact particularly original.

Smile to send a standard greeting

  • LoveScout24 website: not available
  • LoveScout24 App: available / free

So in the App, a default greeting can be sent. This is called here "Smile send", is free, as well as the flirtation contact, however, so similar to unimaginative.

Image: Nothing for the first contact - A Smile send.

3.4 Other Functions

My Visitors

  • LoveScout24 website: available / premium surcharge
  • LoveScout24 App: available / premium surcharge

In this area (a premium feature), the Visitors of the own profile listed. This can be very interesting. To know who is interested may for a, can be Flirting to advantage.

3.5 conclusion LoveScout24 features and Profiles

Finally remains to say that LoveScout24 sensitive, good functions available . In particular, the flirt roulette fun, and met by the way a good purpose. All the features are solid, real innovation, however, are not here. The LoveScout24 App and the website, however, differ with respect to the functions. A combination of the two applications (App and website) makes, in our opinion, make sense. Prices note!

4. User-friendliness: LoveScout24

LoveScout24 provides its users with a large guide area, with lots of tips about Flirting and relationships.

Image: A huge guide is a tips and Tricks page.

4.1 customer service and contact with LoveScout24

In the LoveScout24 Test occur studied with LoveScout24 in contact want. The Customer service plays an important role in the user satisfaction and should work well.

It is noteworthy that LoveScout24 offers a phone number for customer service . Many online Dating services are not reachable by phone. FS24 stands out here is the positive of the other Dating sites. Plus point!
In our Test, we made both a call and a contact form with a started sent the formatted Problem. In both situations, we were helped in the short term. Once again, a "Thumbs up" for customer service.

Contact LoveScout24 Customer Service:
E-Mail: customer [email protected]
Phone: +49 (0) 89-44456-2401 (Monday-Friday, 10:00-13:00, 15:00-18:00 PM)
Fax: +49 (0) 89-44456-192703

Image: a contact form is available.

4.2 termination for LoveScout24

In the case of the termination LoveScout24 behaves, however, like so many other Dating sites so. For a the membership will be extended automatically if not timely terminated. On the other hand, the termination is not easy online by the push of a button. Here LoveScout24 gets a Minus point even if this conduct is in the industry quite common. After all, the is Termination in the case of LoveScout24 possible via Email.

Tip: Do not forget to cancel your premium membership, if you have enough flirting and having a break want to take!
So you cancel at LoveScout24:
The termination of a premium membership is ultimately very easy, if you know how it goes . We want to show it to you here. Just write to E-Mail [email protected] .

"Ladies and gentlemen,

I hereby cancel my LoveScout24 contract by the deadline at the earliest possible date. Please send me a written confirmation of the termination, specifying the termination time point.

My E-Mail address: xxx
My Pseudonym: xxx

With kind Regards,“

Submit. Done!

Reminder: Call your e-mail address you friend scout are logged in and the Pseudonym. You need to be identifiable. Submit don't forget!

Image: So you quit LoveScout24.

4.3 operation and Design LoveScout24

Both the operation as well as the Design are based on LoveScout24 a high level . It is striking that the LoveScout24 App has to the site a clearer and fresher Design. The use is fun and intuitive.

4.4 Mobile Use LoveScout24s / LoveScout24 App

Thanks to the LoveScout24 App the single market can also convenient on-the-go uses be. The beginning was a bit confusing for us that the functions contained on the website and in the App are 100% congruent. In addition, it's important to note that the premium features are different. The you can use to your advantage. We want to tell you here how to do it (free messages). Apart from that, the LoveScout24 App is a solid App that serves its purpose fully and is fun.

Image: A solid App that's fun.

4.5 Conclusion LoveScout24 User-Friendliness

The Design and handling are flawless. A the real plus point LoveScout24 earned by the telephone accessibility of the customer service . That is so simply by E-Mail may be terminated, stress the positive result. Very good!

5. Price-to-performance ratio in LoveScout24

5.1 LoveScout24 prices and LoveScout24 cost

So LoveScout24 it behaves like all other great and reputable Dating services basically so that the service costs money in order to be able to him to good use. Only those who complete a premium membership, you can actively contact other members or search results filter. This is in order, finally, it can not give the Service for free.

Tip: With this small Trick, you can send LoveScout24 free news . In the event that you want to write messages, but still no Premium option you would like to abschließnen, you can use this Trick. Just the friend scout App is free to download and there write a message and send it. The following communication, you can switch back to the website. This is more convenient to Write.

However, the LoveScout24 price structure is difficult to see through. We would like to see more transparency for the users. A total of 4 (!) Council differences. Depending on the use case (App or website), and function scope. Add to that some functions are in the website for free, in the App, but a premium surcharge. The same is true Vice versa. This has led to confusion.

We bring light into the Premium jungle.

The cost of the various premium variants and these services are included (cf. Chapter Functions ):

A premium membership for the site

Services Included:

  • Actively write and chat (absolutely necessary)
  • Lake who wants to meet you (useful)
  • Ad-free flirting (quite enjoyable, but not a Must)
  • More space in the mailbox (very useful)

What is the premium membership for the site costs?

  • Duration 1 Month
    LoveScout24 Price: 39,99 € per month
  • Duration 3 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 29,99 € per month
  • Duration 6 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 24,99 € per month
  • Duration 12 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 19,99 € per month
Premium Plus membership for the site

Services Included:

  • All the benefits of premium membership
  • Your profile as the Top search result (very nice)
  • Highlighted Profiles (very nice)
  • Your profile and your message to catch the eye (very nice)
  • Staff Partner Proposals (required, for serious life partner)

What is the Premium Plus membership for the site costs?

  • Duration 1 Month
    LoveScout24 Price: 59,99 € per month
  • Duration 3 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 49,99 € per month
  • Duration 6 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 44,99 € per month
  • Duration 12 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 39,99 € per month
Premium-Plus and Mobile membership

Services Included:

  • All the benefits of premium membership (absolutely necessary)
  • All the benefits of Premium Plus membership (very nice)
  • All the benefits of the Mobile Plus package (for mobile use is necessary)

What is the cost of the Premium-Plus and Mobile membership ?

  • Duration 1 Month
    LoveScout24 Price: 59,99 € per month
  • Duration 3 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 49,99 € per month
  • Duration 6 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 44,99 € per month
  • Duration 12 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 39,99 € per month

Mobile-Plus package for the App

Services Included:

  • Gold status is: More attention for your profile (very nice)
  • Date roulette: See who wants to meet you (useful)
  • Know whose favorite they are (very nice)
  • Anyone who is looking for me? (the necessary search function)
  • Banner blocker (quite enjoyable, not a Must)

What is the Mobile cost-Plus package for the App?

  • Term 1 Week
    LoveScout24 Price: 4,99 € per week
  • Duration 1 Month
    LoveScout24 Price: 9,99 € per month
  • Duration 3 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 6,66 € per month
  • Duration 6 Months
    LoveScout24 Price: 5,84 € per month

Image: The prices for the Mobile-Plus package (only for App)

Tip: If you are considering both a Premium Plus membership as well as for the LoveScout24 App is a Mobile-Plus-to-buy package, you can save with the offer on the website is correct.

Image: savings potential with a simultaneous purchase of a Premium Plus and Mobile Plus.

5.2. Price-to-performance ratio in LoveScout24

As the the most famous single market for Online Flirts in Germany has LoveScout24 price . And not without reason. Finally, LoveScout24 is a Flirt-Portal, in particular, can convince by its vibrant and very large members of the community. This alone justifies a reasonable price.

The price is so reasonable? Well! LoveScout24 is expensive. Although the prices for the Mobile-Plus package in order, the classic premium membership, however, is for a Flirt-Portale expensive. To justify the price for this is only due to the high number of members LoveScout24. Anyone who puts a lot of value to a large single market, can be responsible for the costs.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Flirt . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24) summary

In The Test: LoveScout24 (formerly FriendScout24)
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating
Last Update :
Overall result: Eight / Th

User Ratings Overall


Quick reviews of the users

friend scout is, and remains, for me, is the best choice for single exchanges. nowhere else will so many people are logged in —> nowhere else the chances of success are meet so great new people. ;)

The 30-day contact Test is totally for the sound! As if it is not depended from the photo and, not least, also by gender. Sigh... And then search Statements as "Even at FriendScout24, it behaves like all other great and reputable Dating services basically so that the service costs money in order to be able to him to good use." -- Sorry, but all social networks are completely free of charge! E-Mail: Free Of Charge! Clearly, the E-Mail providers and social networks are financed in one way or another - partly by advertising, partly paid-for additional services, which is also ok. But that the mere communication and contact of money to costs, is a so-so brazen insolence, which looks for their-same, only to find in the Online Dating rip-off stall, and a smooth the spit to stay away can! For my part, I swept FS24 long in the back and try my luck at one of the many free online Dating services. Because the hits to Singles with the level of the exchanges, such as the FS24, Parship, elitepartner & co. not fall to such a dubious single-in fact, it was certainly not the Welfare of the people in the foreground, but only one thing: money.

Hi Amor, thanks for your comment! Your thoughts are of course for the first time in a comprehensible manner. I would so go for the first time so. But remember: The fee-based functions, although at the time of the contact, the payment should be as a contribution for the whole performance, Friendscout24, provides understood. So in the first line for the free operation and development of the advertising platform. But clearly, Friendscout24, the largest and the best-functioning single market is for the Flirting and also have to pay. There are better Apps, like Zoosk, the deliver for the money Matching (matches).

Fake profiles are a basic prerequisite for the success of the business of the partnership pages in the fiercely competitive market. Therefore, the make, in my experience, almost all of the Dating sites so. The fake profile ratio on the partnership pages is extremely high. The response rate is also at an attractive athletic young men hardly exist. The business principle is always the same, the men should be encouraged through attractive women's profiles at the conclusion of the paid-for premium services. If you are in doubt, can you create a test profile with one of the unknown men model and convincing Bio (around 190 cm, 29 years old, good Job, etc.). Even then, the response rate of attractive women is going to be surprisingly low, because most of the Profiles are only corpses tab! Those answers look rather average, as you know it from normal life. The Victoria's Secret group, but it is only rarely including! At least, Tinder offers reasonable free use options in contrast to most of the other pages! Lovoo or friend scout, as well as all of the expensive partnership pages you can totally forget there is an attempt to fake e-mails to move to the conclusion of an extremely expensive premium membership, this then enabled then hardly any answers! Basically, you can say that the demand of young attractive women on the official partnership market in Germany is only a little present. This get to know your Partner mainly in the circle of friends, because you don't have to actively do in order to be addressed. Therefore, most of the partnership sites are (despite the positive reviews and the alleged test certificates) for men only is a waste of time and money! For women, the whole thing looks of course completely different. The can choose, as in the toy store from the incredible variety of letters.


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