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Crass as Tinder? Try it now!

Conclusion: Tinder, the popular Dating App is certainly when it comes to fast flirting. Unfortunately, quite superficial, and certainly not suitable in order to find the Partner for life. In the short term may be Tinder but quite funny. In the long run boring.

Pros and cons of Tinder:

Positive on Tinder

  • Quick registration and easy to handle
  • Strong media attention, thus a lot of active users
  • Free useful

Negative on Tinder

  • Superficial and with time boring
  • Sign in with a Facebook account possible

Our tip to Tinder

Tinder works visually. The correct image selection für the rapid success on Tinder crucial . Download in any case, a number of images, möact urgently to make it interesting. To arrange Dates, we recommend to außerdem mögo through quickly the communication channel from Tinder to WhatsApp to.

Tinder-Key Figures

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 49 actual contact sequence
  • 5 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate on Tinder

Members statistics

46% women

54% of men
A quota for women on Tinder

Suitability for Flirt

  • Hottest Dating App currently
  • Very simply, it's a bit superficial

Suitability for Flirt

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members across the country: 2.200.000
  • Demand trend: 220.000

The degree of activity in Germany

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Test read

1. Tinder Test: Summary

Tinder was able to benefit in recent months from the large media Hype, and so here in Germany a lot of new users to win. So people would not get involved, otherwise, in Online Dating, were attracted by the simplicity of the App and the promise of quick Flirts.

Tinder is now part of the Lifestyle of the single world. The term "tindern" has become synonymous with the mobile Hot or Not game. In our Tinder Test we wanted to see how fast you can really come up with Tinder for a Date. We also wanted to, once again, the Thesis of the Tinder-long-while to prove. Glad to see you really quickly on Tinder? We also give tips on what spells and topics for Small Talk, we were the most successful on Tinder on the road.

The practical test in the near future: We have tested Tinder with a male profile. For this purpose, we model uploaded 4 interesting pictures and articles for the Tinder ready to play. After a few hours, we had numerous Matches and were in with several women at the same time in the conversation. The Small Talk can be exhausting. Often, it is always the Same. Some of the Chats, however, were so entertaining. The Dates came so after a few days. Important lesson: Tinder is a game and so you should also behave. The conversations in the Chat not to take seriously, in a good mood to rekindle and have fun. If you are moving with this setting in the case of Tinder, you will have with the App is fun.
The features and quality of the Profiles in a nutshell: The functions on Tinder are easily explained, because there are not many. The simplicity and the simplicity of the App are certainly among the major factors in the success of Tinder. Upload an image, the profile statement and decide who you like in the predefined radius of the corresponding age class. This is Tinder. Not more, not less. After a Match, so in the case of a two-sided sympathy, you will get the opportunity with the Person you like to chat. This is solved very cleverly, because women are protected from the countless messages from men you have no desire to.
User-friendliness in the near future: Effortless: The Tinder App, download, this with your own Facebook profile link (This is mandatory!!) and in the end, the profile pictures directly from their own Facebook photo album taken. The same is true for interests and friends. For this purpose, no further activity on the part of the user is necessary. The App pulls this information automatically and processes them in the Background. When looking at other Tinder Profiles will be displayed to you always have the common interests and friends automatically. The Tinder customer service can be reached from the App via E-Mail. A response came within 24 hours. This is in order.
Price-to-performance ratio in the near future: Tinder is basically free of charge. One says often "time is money". If you a rating of time with money, then Tinder might be pretty expensive, because the App can develop very quickly to a time-eater (or even pastime). The Small Talk, the Dates (some good, but also many bad), all it costs is definitely worth your time. Recently, Tinder has introduced officially a Pro Version of the free App. In our view, the payment is not worthwhile, however. You prefer to stay with the free Version and you need to consider how much precious time you want to invest in Tinder.

2. Tinder practice test and Tinder experiences

We collect determined to own Tinder experiences and to test Tinder for several months. The App is downloaded in the App Store quickly. So the link to the Facebook Account is quickly done. You have to be Facebook users, a Tinder-profiles .

After you have approved the link-up with Facebook, you can choose from your Facebook images, what you want to add to your Tinder profile. This is very simple. Tinder uses the same folder structure as you have in the case of Facebook (Mobile Uploads, Profile Pictures, etc.).

The single values of the settings you configure when setting up the profiles, name is located in the area of the discovery preferences. Here you can set the distance for the search radius ( 2 - 160 km), as well as the age of the displayed persons (18-50). Another setting that you make, is the determination of whether or not you want to women only, men only, or maybe both to see.

We (male Tester) only want to see women aged 21-42 years. The radius we set to 50 kilometres. We are getting ready to leave up to 50 km for an exciting Date, the city and somewhere else to go.

Image: A Tinder Contact

The first Match within 2 hours

The profile was set up within 5 minutes. Now with the actual "tindern". The number of us women can display Profiles, we are able to swipe either to the right (= like) or swipe left (= not interesting).

After initially careful and conscientious evaluation of the displayed Profiles, we must say that we have wiped with the time, almost always to the Right. In the end, the women take the advance choice with whom you want to chat or not. In the few cases in which the type of the woman did not fit at all, we have wiped to the left. This means as much as "Good Bye". There are official statistics which show that 46% of the global male Tinder users swipe right, women are only 14%. The women have so here, too, the sceptre in the Hand.

After we have reviewed a few minutes, a large number of women, the System finds no other appropriate contacts in the area. We do so Tinder and sit back relaxed.

After about two hours, the notification will come on the first Match, so the first Match. So it's come time to Flirt to get

Now the question is, as our first message is to the lady. We decide spontaneously the speech to keep it short:

Image: system notification after a Match

A Match! We like us?! :-)

After three minutes, the woman responds. So something very banal. In order to keep the conversation going we'll talk soon about planning the weekend, and find the way to the own interests. During the chat a further two Matches in a tailspin. Here, too, it's called a conversation, to build and to keep Running. That was a pretty exhausting afternoon.

If you need tips on what to talk about in Tinder, here are a few ideas for Tinder Small Talk. In the end, it depends, but always by the conversation partner and his interests.

  • Activities in your area (Hiking or Biking trails, lakes, mountains)
  • Parties, Clubs, cool Bars and Venues
  • Travel goals and dreams
  • Love, Relationships, Affairs
  • Music, Movies
  • Sports
  • Books and authors
  • ...

It is important not that it is boring and you don't immediately try to resume the conversation partner, as in a job interview, knock. The getting-to-Know on Tinder should be done in a playful way.

Very cleverly questions can be according to the opinion of the Tinder Flirts. Examples:

  • Hey – I need a female opinion. What do you think....
  • A woman like you can give me recommend a Bar / Restaurant for xyz?
  • ...

For one thing, the other Person feels valued and is happy to give a recommendation. In particular, in the case of the second question – you can try the same to arrange the Location. Sometimes, it works! ;-)

Even small games are a great way to make the learning process entertaining.

One idea that we tried: Everyone says alternately, any word, such as Meadow and the other must spontaneously, without thinking, something to say. So something what you get/just in the mind. This is a lot of fun and you can see pretty fast, what moves your flirt partner.

The first Meeting after 8 days

If you make it in a good mood in the Tinder Chat to yourself and your conversation partner don't always take it seriously, it is Tinder generally speaking, to arrange easily a Date. All of the are logged on to Tinder, want to make friends, no months-long Chat. You want to get to know new people, laugh and have fun.

Important it is also our experience – the conversation to shift to a different communication Medium. WhatsApp, for example, is a perfect channel to do so. For one, you can send in addition to ordinary messages, images and other Emoticons. On the other, a conversation on WhatsApp, it looks and feels much less Dating, as in the case of Tinder. Since the step to a personal Meeting is not so far.

How can you make the switch to WhatsApp? Best to be open and direct. For example, you can write your phone number on Tinder in and say that it is in the case of WhatsApp much easier to communicate. You will see by the reaction of the lady immediately, as she thinks about it.

An alternative to WhatsApp, the Facebook Chat is. Some women give out reluctant to your phone number to Strangers. In the case, Facebook can be a good idea. You also have the advantage that they can learn about Facebook a lot more about your Tinder flirting.

The first Meeting with a Tinder woman we had after 8 days. On Tinder met, well understood, have switched to WhatsApp, and so soon after a suitable date for a Date looking for.

The Tinder Success Rate

After a Tinder Match, you have many options of how you respond to your Flirt. In principle, one can make nothing wrong here.Nevertheless, there are Openers that work better or worse. Much more important is it in the case of Tinder, as you can make the subsequent conversation interesting and fun. Below you can see an Overview of different initial messages and the corresponding response rate.

Image: Overview of the Erfolgsquten the Tinder Test

Conclusion to Tinder practice test: Tinder is a fun pastime. You can meet women and men without any problem, if you look at the Tindern as a "game" . It can be a bit annoying, since the Matches are not filtered. This means that they account for perhaps a whole series of Dates, but during the Dates, notice that they are different and do not fit each other. The Partner for life, you will meet here is likely. Loose Flirts & Dates are without a doubt feasible.

3. Tinder functions and Tinder Profiles

The functionality of Tinder is very limited. But that is also certainly a factor in the success of the popular Dating App.

Radius Search / Discovery Preferences

The Tinder App uses location-based data, to provide you with the to your discovery preferences matching Tinder users to propose. In the case of the discovery preferences, you can specify the age, sex, and the search radius. The maximum search radius is 160 km. Depending on your setting, want to suggest Tinder matching Singles within the desired search radius.

Tinder Profiles with limited information content

The Tinder App is focused very heavily on visual stimuli. Here you can see the entire selection of profile pictures of the Person, by. In addition, Tinder shows the possible similarities. This data or Similarities be drawn from the Facebook profiles. The similarities are the Likes of Facebook Pages. In addition, you can see whether and which of your common Facebook friends you have and the information above is Tinder Flirts. In addition to the Facebook information used every Tinder user can submit, in addition, a short profile Statement. For this purpose, 500 characters in total.

In the profile Statements, you will see a lot of different things. Some people use quotes, and some references to your Instagram Account, and others, in turn, tell something about your Hobbies and interests. Very often one sees in women is the indication that you are not interested in ONS. Large women often their body size, so that there are no "Surprises".

Hot or Not: Just to the left or to the right wipe

The Tindern is made up of two different activities. Women/men you like to get a "Like" by swiping the image to the right. A "don't" Like is expressed through the wiper to the left. If in the course of the time there is a Match in terms of Likes is to get the two parties the opportunity to chat with each other. This is called in the case of Tinder "Match".

Since the launch of Tinder Plus membership (hereinafter explained), is limited to the number of Likes to 200 per day. You should have the 200-mark of the day passed, you can not see any user profiles anymore. The lock will only be removed 24 hours later. In order for Tinder to prevent, among other things, that users indiscriminately Profiles like.

Image: Tinder message after Exceeding the Like limit

Tinder Plus features (Passport, Undo and unlimited Matches)

After the great success of the Tinder App in the world, have pushed the makers are now paid features, and the previous App is a bit cropped.

The so-called Tinder Plus membership gives you the following advantages:

1. Unlimited Swiping to the right.
With the launch of Tinder Plus membership what is restricted (as explained earlier), the number of the Right wiper (= contacts) to 200 on the day. If you want to wipe, you need to either buy the Plus membership or a break of 24 hours loading. Then it's on with the Wipe.

2. Tinder Passport
In comparison to the free Tinder Version, you can switch with the Tinder Passport your Location and in other places for interesting Flirts look for. For example, you could take before your next vacation trip to Barcelona at an early stage to contact the local women.

3. Undo Function
With the Undo function you get the possibility of a left-wiper, so a "not" Like Undo. The regular Tinder logic says that a left-means the wiper well normally, never to be seen again.

Our opinion of Tinder Plus: Not necessarily necessary. The money you can save!

There are Fake Profiles on Tinder?

So on Tinder, more and more Fake Profiles. Thus, none of Tinder interspersed Fakes, but professional ladies, who want to promote their own Online services (for example, Live Cam Chat). In General, you match with a beautiful and young woman. A few minutes later, you receive a message, it sends a Link and asks you to chat with her on the proposed site.

Do not click on these Links and report search contacts directly to Tinder . With a single push of a button. In addition, you can also block by clicking this user. Sometimes these contacts to send more messages to you, in which you are surprised that you have not yet reported. You would have tonight, still time and boring to be alone...

Conclusion to the Tinder functions and the Tinder profiles: Each of the 5-Year-old child could use Tinder without explanation. The App has a few functions. The simplicity and plainness belonging to the basic concept of Tinder. The focus of The Tinder-Profiles that are visually. The two most important filters are the age and the perimeter. Other filters are not available, which makes it difficult to quickly find a dream partner. For fast, unfiltered Flirts and Dates, Tinder is suitable but good.

4. User-friendliness

The Tinder App is very user-friendly. Because there is not much to complain about. The only point that could be applied to the Tinder App, find fault with, is the strong link with Facebook. You must already have a Facebook profile for Tinder users to. So all that boycott, for whatever reason, Facebook wants to be at the same time excluded completely.

If you have any questions on the Tinder customer service, you can do that directly from the App. A click within the Tinder App on "report A Problem" and the App directs are going to you to your E-Mail program. In the Footer of the E-Mail with your device information is written automatically, so that the customer can understand the Problem easier. From device to device can occur in different errors.

Tinder Termination

If you use the free Tinder Version, you need not have to worry about notice periods and other termination arrangements to make. If you want to delete your Tinder profile definitively, it is sufficient that you click under "App settings" on the Button "delete account" and you will have passed out of the Tinder world. It should, however, be aware that after you Delete the App all your previous Tinder Matches, lost forever.

Under App settings, you can log out from the Tinder App. Please do not confuse this with "delete account". After logging out you can log back in with your user name and your password and everything is as before.

Tinder Plus cancel

If you have opt for the Tinder Plus membership, you can cancel this at any time without giving reasons. Until the expiration of the previously paid Plus membership, you can continue using them. When the paid membership expires, it will not be extended after the termination automatically.

Watch : To Delete the App or logout from the App has no terminating effect. To terminate Tinder Plus, please proceed as nachflgend described.

The Kündigungsweg is dependent on the type of terminal that you have completed the Tinder Plus subscription.

Tinder Plus terminate: iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

1. You go to the App Store with your Apple device
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on your Apple ID (Which is your Apple ID E-Mail address)
3. If you are logging in asked, log in,
4. You go to subscriptions and you can cancel your subscription by turning the corresponding Button

Tinder Plus terminate: Android

If you use an Android device, you can cancel your Tinder Plus subscription in the Google Play Store. Search for Tinder and select the appropriate search result. Now you have the opportunity to end the Tinder Plus subscription with one click.

Conclusion to Tinder's user-friendliness: Tinder is a role model for user-friendly designed Apps. The Dating App is self-explanatory and needs no further explanation. The customer service can be reached by E-Mail. Responses usually come within 24 hours.

5. Tinder Price / Performance Ratio

In view of the fact that Tinder can also be used free of charge useful is the price-performance ratio is very good. Tinder is a nice pastime that can be quite fun. If you're looking for a Partner for life, can Tinder be really annoying and time-racking . In which case, you could refer to the used time as a cost. If you do so, would be the price-performance ratio is pretty bad.

Beyond the free Tinder membership, there is now the Option to book the advanced Tinder Plus membership. With Tinder Plus, you get the opportunity to search for the women and men beyond the 160 km limited search radius (Tinder Passport). You can also give the to the left, Wiped a second Chance, if you should be struck by the feeling that a wrong decision was made. Normally, the left wiped the contact disappears for ever.

The price for Tinder Plus depends on your age. For all the under 28-Year-old Tinder Plus CA. 5,50€, and the 28-Year figures of around 20€, almost the will cost 4 times the price. The presented prices are derived from the British Tinder Plus membership, since the was launched a Plus Version so far as the first.

Conclusion to the Tinder costs: The free Tinder App, there are no cost risks. The biggest Investment that you make here, is your time. The Tinder Plus membership is, in our opinion, but not worth the money.

Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Flirt . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Tinder's Summary

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Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
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Overall result: Seven / Th

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