Lost in the German single stock market jungle?

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If you are looking for a single stock exchange in Germany, finds out pretty quickly that the offer is quite confusing. Numerous Dating sites and Flirt Apps with different orientations compete for the (paying) customers. There are classic kotaktanzeigen portal on the market, modern Flirt Apps with sophisticated features, as well as classic partners, a search portal, the judge on the Basis of a personality test to fit what people really good for each other. However, which Portal is good, reliable and for the respective life situation?

With Dating-Kompass.de we would like to show you the direct way to happiness in love ! Whether you are looking for a solid relationship, for a non-binding Flirt or a One Night Stand. For each case, there are a selection of well-functioning single markets. Already since years we have been observing the Online Dating market in Detail. The main single stock exchanges, we know like the back of their pocket and be able to tell you where, currently, the registration is worth it. In our analyses, we not only on price but on other factors such as activity of the user, the Terms and conditions including the cancellation conditions as well as safety technical aspects. All data will be systematically collected according to the same pattern and compared to each other . At the end of a completed test report, you can here dating-kompass.de in rest, free of charge, before you decide for a single stock.

The Original:
The best Dating portals to experts, tested!

The three main single stock exchanges categories at a glance

Love: Dating services in Test
You crave a relationship? Singles who sign up here, want to find in the best case, the Partner for life. More...

Flirt: Dating Apps and Dating portal in the Test:
You want to wait and see where the journey goes and non-binding flirt? Then you should inspect the Apps and Siglebörsen in this category in more detail. More...

Adventure: Casual Dating portal and Apps in the Test:
You are just looking for an erotic Encounter? Casual Dating sites and Apps are solely focused on the right of sexual partners to get together! More...

Seat 1: Lemonswan

in the overall standings *)
  • Members country-wide: 1.000.000
  • Dating Category: Love
  • Fair Matchmaking
  • Communicative Users

Lemonswan Overview

Last Check: 31.05.2019
In LemonSwan it comes to the search for a serious relationship. The Portal is aimed at women and men, the fun, the love of your ...

9/10 points in the Test

for Lemonswan
79 responses to 100 requests within a short period of time in the environment of the tester. *)

Seat 2: Parship

in the overall standings *)
  • Members across the country: 4.000.000
  • Dating Category: Love
  • Greatest Dating Service In Germany
  • High-Quality Partner Proposals

Parship Overview

Last Check: 31.05.2019
As you would expect from the market leader is Parship (nearly) all in all, a top product. A power Parship.de particularly unique: The sociability ...

9/10 points in the Test

78 responses to 100 requests within a short period of time in the environment of the tester. *)

Seat 3: Zoosk

in the overall standings *)
  • Members across the country: 2.500.000
  • Dating Category: Love
  • Good Mix of Flirt App and matchmaking
  • Self-Mediation Learning System

Zoosk Overview

Last Check: 04.06.2019
Who wants to try something New compared to the conventional Dating services, you'll love Zoosk. The high quality of ...

8/10 points in the Test

for Zoosk
62 responses to 100 requests within a short period of time in the environment of the tester. *)

Seat 4: eDarling

in the overall standings *)
  • Members across the country: 3.000.000
  • Dating Category: Love
  • Portal for love and partnership
  • Individual Partner Proposals

eDarling Overview

Last Check: 03.06.2019
eDarling is a fresh, modern matchmaking, the work is not only excellent, but also fun. Innovative Features ...

7/10 points in the Test

for eDarling
36 responses to 100 requests within a short period of time in the environment of the tester. *)

Seat 5: Elite partner

in the overall standings *)
  • Members country-wide: 3.500.000
  • Dating Category: Love
  • A classic in the Online Dating
  • Specifically for academics and the "Elite"

Elite Partner Overview

Last Check: 05.06.2019
Elite partner also belongs to the Elite in the field of matchmaking. A good product, the particular by a high number of members ...

6/10 points in the Test

for elite partners
29 responses to 100 requests within a short period of time in the environment of the tester. *)

Our categories in the Overview


Are you in search of an erotic adventure? There is a heißen Trend in online Dating: Casual Dating, the are... (more)


In Germany, there are a countless number of countless flirting and Dating portal. Our experts and users have also this year again all... (more)


Our experts and users have also this year again all the relevant Online Dating services fütested r ausfüdangerous... (more)

Many years of experts in terms of Dating sites and Apps in Germany

Dating Kompass.de has set itself the goal to bring more transparency in the Dating jungle in Germany. We want to provide you with helpful tips and Tricks in the use of Dating sites and Dating Apps, we would also like to take the job in a lot of different Dating sites and Apps to be fruitless to try. The focus of Dating-Kompass.de is on in-depth test of numerous single stock exchanges, reports and flirting Apps in Germany . A closer look at the many Dating sites and Apps quickly shows that the individual offers differ not only in terms of content and visually, but also qualitatively. Not all Dating sites and Apps are equally reputable and reliable. A layman could not recognize the differences right away. The detailed test reports of Dating-Kompass.de should help you to quickly get an Overview of the most important deals in the market.

The Team of Dating-Kompass.de dealing for years with Dating Apps and Dating sites. Our many years of Expertise to help you identify the pitfalls in good time and set it to the correct portal. More about Dating-Kompass.de

All of the Dating sites and Flirt Apps are tested by us on your heart and kidneys

Flirt, love, and adventure: For every case of need, the right single exchange

So that you can find at the end of exactly what you're looking for, you should make in advance a few thoughts, what your heart yearns for. Depending on what you want to find, there are the right a single exchange. The German single stock market can generally be divided into three categories:

Flirt personals, Dating sites and Dating Apps

In the Flirt category, all act according to the Motto "Everything can, nothing must". The main thing is that, no commitments, and as many options to consider. The Flirt and the fun are in the foreground. In General, the flirt partner to open as yet, it is here and there's a back door, before you commit to more. Most of the users of Flirt Apps have multiple Flirts at the same time on the run.

What used to be found in the newspaper in the staff section, today in the Flirt category in the Online world. Ultimately, today's single exchanges, such as, for example, LoveScout24 (Formerly Friendscout24) from the basic idea of an Ad in the newspaper emerged. The big difference is today's Flirt Apps Dating is that the Profiles and the Ads are much richer than in the past, the staff, where even with abbreviations, and with a box number has been worked.

The numerous, modern, Flirt Apps, such as, for example, Tinder , Zoosk , Badoo or Lovoo be arranged by us also in this category. More and More people pick up the phone, to search for a flirt partner. The particular advantage of the Flirt Apps is that you can keep up with the help of the GPS function, so easy to be a flirt partner in the direct vicinity of the lookout.

Love: Dating Services

People who are looking for a solid relationship, to notify clearly in the case of the big, reputable Dating services. Singles with a partner placement in the rule seriously and are looking for the great love. To this great task, use the Dating services on the magic of the psychological analysis. With the help of a questionnaire at the time of application rating of the different psychographic characteristics of a Person, and then introduce people to each other, the fitting as well as possible to each other, but also the most likely to be, for as long as possible, happy with each other.

In the category of Dating services are generated in the normal case, the best partner suggestions. It is the king discipline of single stock exchanges, is not, ultimately, quite effective.

The most important German Dating services you can see in this comparison.

Adventure: Casual Dating Sites

Sexdating sites has always been there. However, since the provider of the search pages, the needs of women, more focused, function so. The Name is new: no one speaks more from a Sexdating site. The new, modern and professional offerings have ignited a new Trend: The Casual Dating.

In Casual Dating, it comes to the fulfillment of erotic Wishes and fantasies. On reputable sites you can find almost the same number of active women, like men, looking for a sex partner . The Matching takes place on the Basis of erotic preferences and the anonymity can remain safeguarded, as the user, or the user thinks is right. For all Involved, the target on a Casual Dating site is very clear: sex meetings with like-minded people. The emotions are not. In this way it is also ensured that there are no disappointments. It is merely a matter of Sex.

The most well known providers for Casual Dating in Germany C-date . In this Overview, you can also see all of the most important German Casual Dating Provider in a direct comparison.

Detailed Tests are the Basis of our reviews

Our defined goal is to offer you a to give authentic insight to the most important Dating sites in Germany . We have set criteria that we examine every provider carefully. So we can ensure the comparability and give you an accurate picture of supply, which is what the single market is possible.

The core of our Tests, not the cost, but the real contact test. We want to make sure that at the end of a Date is concluded. The best, of course, several. Because what is a single market, where everything remains online flirting helps. How can you benefit from the results of the test? Very simple: Compare the rates of each provider of a category. You will immediately see that quickly separate the chaff from the wheat.

Clearly, the results thus depend on the profiles. But the Council wants to find yourself again at the end. Except in very special niches, the test will remain the winner of a category is always the winner of the test. No matter which profile or gender you have.

In Detail you find in our test analyses the following reports will:

Advantages and disadvantages of the respective single stock exchange

  • Statisktiken to the members
  • Success rate
  • Erfogstipps for the respective partner exchange
  • Niche focus how to Flirt/love/adventure
  • The degree of activity in Germany

What is better - free or paid Dating sites?

Now, lump, you can reply. Who pays something for a service that is usually much more serious in the thing.

Flirt portal are also in the free Segment is quite good and recommended. But as soon as you are looking for a discreet adventure or a langfristitge relationship, don't you come in, as a rule, to paid services.

The need to get to know someone is for free users, less present, as in the case of people who have already spent for the use of a Dating portal.

Also not to forget should the Fake Rate. I. e., Profiles are not real. These free profiles are often higher than in the case of fee-based services. It is silk, the provider has modern-Scam-Tools in use that can detect these scammers quickly. If you can get a free single market with a news of a particularly good looking woman and this sends you Links to other pages, where it has supposedly a better, more complete profiles, you should let the fingers of. On this to Trick users fall for again and again, and then log on for help with us.

If you are in our detailed test view reports, you will find that we have more paid than free Dating portal utner the magnifying glass. This has a simple reason for this: The risk of a failed investment in a paid single stock exchange is significantly higher than for the free side. Therefore, we want to give you the exact assistance at Hand, in order to purchase a false and evil to avoid Surprises.

And one thing you should always bear in mind: Even if this is not evident at first glance, free Dating services have a price, of course . Maybe not of a financial nature, but in the end you need a lot of time to find a Partner, you can also offline meetings. Just for people 30+ in the evening, time is limited, so that this target group decides more and more often for paid services. And what is to be seen in the case of free services, too often they are overloaded with advertising. And just when the advertising is then gripped on the characteristics of users (gender, age, Hobbies, ...), which will allow the provider, targeted to sell advertising. This must not be a bad thing, but it should be every user aware of it.