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Conclusion: In LemonSwan it comes to the search for a serious relationship. The Portal is aimed at women and men who want to find the love of your life. The fair price policy: Single parents, students, and trainees is particularly impressive to pay for your membership, not a Cent. This is especially important for persons from these groups are strongly represented. Also a plus point for the so-called “bouncers inside”, the new members of the switch manually, after a thorough examination. LemonSwan can Online Dating agencies such as elite partner and Parship, with its many advantages clear competition and brings a fresh Wind in the search for a partner!

Advantages and disadvantages of Lemonswan:

Positive in Lemonswan

  • Partner suggestions based on a personality test
  • Free of charge for all single parents, students, and trainees prefer
  • Manual Verification of new members
  • Pleasant, well-designed user interface

Negative in the case of Lemonswan

  • There is the possibility that new members provide incorrect facts, to thereby obtain a free membership.
  • Who would like to upload a photo, can't see the Profiles of other members.

Our tip to Lemonswan

Who lives in LemonSwan the Partner fürs find the möchte, should be zunä Persons;first, the personality test, answer honestly to get the best Partner for a"ge. Also, upload at least one photo and be active. Respond to messages promptly, and you can also write to other members. Take advantage of the Premium memberships which offer more features and Möpossibilities.

Lemonswan Metrics

Success rate

  • 100 contact attempts in the practice test
  • 79 actual contact sequence
  • 8 out of 10 requests to be a success.

Contact rate Lemonswan

Members statistics

55% women

45% of men
The quota of women in Lemonswan

Fitness for love

  • Fair Matchmaking
  • Communicative Users

Fitness for love

The degree of activity in Germany

  • Members country-wide: 1.000.000
  • Demand trend: 70.000

The degree of activity in Germany

1. Lemonswan Test: Summary

LemonSwan is the perfect platform for all Singles looking for a serious relationship and not just quick fun. As is the case with other, well-known Online Dating services is working with a personality test. On the Basis of the answers given, the Portal makes a number of exciting matches.

Thus, the reliability of the page is preserved, the eighth so-called bouncer inside to the fact that only women and men sign up, the serious. Each new member is checked in detail manually and unlocked. After that, it is also possible to exchange with other members messages or even Likes and compliments. In this way, everyone gets quickly into a conversation and get to know each other. What we liked also: There are many sophisticated and educated Singles are registered and also the balance between the sexes, fits – Around 55% of the members are women, 45% men.

A summary of the test results on Lemonswan.de

Practice test and experience
LemonSwan fun! You have completed the personality test, you get a lot of partner proposals and is eager to learn how well the members actually fit into one. To find out, exchanged messages or give each other Likes, which is always something going on and the communication is not asleep.
Features and Profiles
The Profiles provide a lot of information about the respective members and tell at a glance what makes up your personality or how you spend your leisure time. Also, the current job Status is displayed and, of course, images may not be missing. As a result, we were able to decide quickly whether we wanted the other to know. The contact is easily done by means of message. Who is shy, give a "Like" and the conversation can start!
Particularly positive is the Design of the Lemonswan portal noticed us. Beautiful pictures and quiet colors look pleasant and are of high value and quality. In addition, the site is intuitive to use and you find your way quickly and easily. As a result, we have delayed us, and on the Portal. Prices and durations of the possible Premium to be a member of prepared communities in a transparent and understandable way, and in case of problems, the customer can be contacted service.
Price-To-Performance Ratio
Big plus point: anyone Who is a single parent, studying or training, receives his Lemonswan membership completely free of charge. For all the other different subscription durations to choose from, their prices are absolutely fair and customary in the industry.

2. Lemonswan practice test and Lemonswan experience

You have completed the personality test, profile data and is unlocked, you get a high number of partners, with proposals to make a promising impression. Particularly, the contact comes in appetite of the users. It is often written to, or receive Likes and compliments, which is the first interest in the Other signal. So you come into a conversation and has fun with it, the members meet to agree and then, of course, also real Dates.

2.1 conclusion practice test and Profiles on Lemonswan

In LemonSwan we were quickly in the middle of the action and had the impression that we are rather at a Party with interesting people than on an Online Dating service. Here, users who are really serious about a relationship and not just looking for the next One-Night-Stand meet.

3. Features and Profiles on Lemonswan

In LemonSwan the LemonSwan principle is at the centre, on the Basis of people together, to find the perfect fit. In order to do that, Dr. Peter Michael Bak – a renowned Professor of psychology, developed a personality test that is based on the latest scientific findings. The questions is mainly on the own personality in the context of a partnership. To specify, for example, what are the goals, desires and values in your life play a role.

Your personality traits are then compared with those of other members and you will be offered to potential partners. They can contact you if you have completed your profile to at least 50 percent and at least upload a photo of yourself. Unlimited contact by means of one of the Premium memberships, or if you are a single parent, studying or training. Then the membership is completely free.

Here we come, unfortunately, but a small shortcoming of the page. Just because this Option exists, it may happen that members indicate, falsely, to belong to one of these target groups in order to save costs. To prevent this from happening, a LemonSwan so-called bouncers inside, check every new member manually. However, Fake Profiles can be of course never be completely avoided. Apart from that, each profile provides a good Overview of personality characteristics and interests of the individual user and is clearly designed.

3.3 conclusion Lemonswan features and Profiles

Thanks to the personality tests you will receive partner suggestions that might actually fit and avoids a tedious search. The Profiles offer a quick Overview of important personality characteristics, interests and Hobbies and show photos of the users. Small drawback: Fake Profiles can occur, as certain target groups benefit from a cost-free membership.

4. User-friendliness: Lemonswan

LemonSwan is offered as a Desktop and as a mobile variant. The registration is carried out on all of your devices quickly and easily using a valid E-Mail address. We confirmed this by means of Links, it can also go with the personality test. This is extensive, but within a few minutes to answer.

Thereafter, the Filling in of the profile can be uploaded in the photos. Everything is simple and intuitive to use and the various functions are easy to find.

Who should nevertheless have problems or questions about the different Premium memberships, can the customer service [email protected] write an E-Mail. Under the number 040 2286 372-99 a Fax can be sent. A phone number, unfortunately, is not specified.

You still hesitate and are not sure whether you should register, you can report from the experience already a registered user, inspired. Since this area seems to be still under construction, are just a few of the quotes. You have logged on, a paid membership is chosen and then changed your mind, you have the possibility to use your right of withdrawal. For this, they provide within 14 days after the completion of a written explanation you send to above E-Mail address, Fax number, or by mail to Lemon Swan GmbH, ulmenstrasse 50b, 22299 Hamburg, Germany.

A cancellation of your membership is in the context of their notice periods, possible. These depend on the length of membership selected and will be indicated in your confirmation E-Mail. You want to terminate, is also a written statement is necessary. In addition, you should delete your profile in the profile settings (Button "delete profile"), if you have no interest in the free membership.

4.5 Conclusion Lemonswan User-Friendliness

The registration LemonSwan is straightforward and also the completion of the personality questionnaire and profile is made quickly. Anyone who has questions, can E-Mail or a Fax to customer service, writing, which is also the point of contact for contract revocation or termination of a paid membership. The only minus point: The experiences of registered members are a bit bland, but that's probably due to the fact that LemonSwan is still new on the market.

5. Price-to-performance ratio (cost) at Lemonswan

What distinguishes LemonSwan from other similar portals: It is completely free of charge for all single parents, students, and trainees parents. Who does not belong to the target group, however, has a free version, only limited possibilities of use. You want to use the Portal fully, you should therefore opt for one of the paid memberships:

Lemonswan Cost: Premium Basic:

  • 6 Months: 39,90€/Month
  • unlimited contact
  • detailed personality analysis

Lemonswan Cost: Premium Smart:

  • 12 Months: 29,90€/Month
  • unlimited contact
  • detailed personality analysis
  • view all the photos
  • Contact warranty

Lemonswan Cost: Premium Comfort:

  • 24 Months: 19,90€/Month
  • unlimited contact
  • detailed personality analysis
  • view all the photos
  • Contact warranty

Tip: For new members a discount is offered. If you free membership for a Smart - or Comfort-in the first days of their cost of membership, you will receive in the first three months, 17 percent discount.

Payment can be made using all popular credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or direct debit as possible.

5.2 price-to-performance ratio in Lemonswan

Big plus point is the fact that Single parents, students, and trainees receive a free Premium membership is undisputed. Anyone who does not belong to this target group, is a fair, industry-standard prices. To test is a good way to the Portal, the short, six-month Basic membership.
Not all found what you were looking for? Take a look at our area page: Love . Possibly. here you will find more information to help you on this topic.

Lemonswan Summary

In The Test: Lemonswan
Evaluation of the editorial: Dating Kompass.de
Last Update :
Overall result: Nine / Ten

User Ratings Overall


Quick reviews of the users

Difficult for Lemonswan, however, is that the place of residence is not taken into account. You will receive partner suggestions from the whole of Germany, 90% of which alone the removal because of resignation....In certain life no longer moves in sections, just like that! Therefore, there are clearly a few relevant contacts.

am since 3 weeks and now I have the nose full. Because it was time for the 2wöchigen withdrawal period, no indication of the place of residence (first 2 postal code) of the partner proposal to be displayed. In the search parameters there is also no Option, the search in this limit. New computer daily generated suggestions from the System, in which potential partners from the extreme corners of the Republic to the man is to be taken. LemonSwan seems to think that his clients pay the entire leisure of the life partner and love to hundreds of kilometers, to meet someone. ? ! Which is far from any reality, and for me, there will definitely be no renewal, no matter what the price or what sweet promises.

Without Premium you can not do anything! A Premium is generally very expensive in comparison to other portals. Partner proposals are not a regional, but in all of Germany. Uninteresting! Profile photo/delete change is impossible! Profile deletion is impossible, the password is identified as incorrect, even after PW Change. Emials remain unanswered. It is only one - a lawyer! Conclusion - expensive, complicated, unübersichtilich!


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